Netizen Alleges That LE SSERAFIM’s Narration For “Good Bones” Alludes To Chaewon’s “Produce 48” Rigging Controversy


LE SSERAFIM dropped the trailer for their upcoming comeback, “Good Bones,” on January 26, 2024. The trailer went with their longstanding themes of ambition, greed, hard work, and attitude. We have Chaewon grabbing some goods from a dilapidated store. She bumps into Yunjin.

We then see Yunjin strutting down the streets, drink in hand.

She passes off the drink to Eunchae, who falls down the stairs.

Kazuha arrives to tap in instead. She walks in a tulle skirt, a reference to her days as a ballerina. The half-wings refer to the group’s previous song, “Unforgiven,” where she removed a wing herself, not wanting to be an angel any longer.

She wakes Sakura up by kicking her bed. Sakura rises from a bed of flowers, possibly a reference to her stage name and her career as an idol in Japan. She busts down a concrete wall, which causes her nose to bleed from the strain. Sakura licks off the blood in contempt.

While the narration seemed just like their usual theme, a netizen took to theqoo to point out that “it seemed like they were making a reference to Kim Chaewon’s rigging controversy with IZ*ONE.” It was made known that Produce 48 and the various entertainment companies had already decided on a winning formation. They manipulated the votes to make it seem natural. The real rankings were never officially released, but many speculated that Yuri and Chaewon should not have made it in, as Yuri was a trainee under an Mnet subsidiary while Woollim Entertainment was fined in court during the case. Chaewon was previously under Woollim Entertainment before moving to HYBE. This caused both girls to receive much hate.

She received much criticism for the rigged opportunity. Despite that, she worked hard in her own right and earned recognition and popularity as part of the group. The narration during the scenes where Chaewon appeared seem to coincide with this.

Given the amount of hate she received, the quote seems apt.

Given how LE SSERAFIM’s lyrics and narration often incorporate the girls’ personal stories, the claim may not be far from the original intent. Looks like we’ll have to keep an eye out for the full release! You can watch the trailer below.

 She was rigged into IZ*ONE. 

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