NCT’s Taeil Shocks Fans With Performance In Crutches At NCT 127 Concert


In a heartwarming surprise that left fans both shocked and elated, NCT‘s Taeil made an unexpected appearance at NCT 127‘s last concert in South Korea, defying his recent injury by joining his group members on stage with crutches.

| SM Entertainment 

Taeil had been out of the public eye following a motorcycle accident in August, which resulted in a serious thigh fracture. SM Entertainment’s statement at the time had set a somber tone among the fandom, with the assurance that Taeil would be missing future schedules to prioritize his recovery.

Hello, we would like to inform you about NCT Taeil’s health and future schedule. On the morning of August 15, Taeil got into a car accident while riding his motorcycle home after his schedule. He was immediately taken to the hospital for a thorough examination and treatment.

— SM Entertainment

| SM Entertainment

The news had particularly noted the unfortunate fact that he would not be attending the NCT NATION: To The World concert, as well as NCT 127’s own tour NEO CITY: THE UNITY, making his recent appearance all the more impactful.

With this, he will suspend all schedules for the time being to concentrate on treatment and recovery.

— SM Entertainment

Taeil’s condition post-accident was a cause of concern for NCTzens, the group’s dedicated fanbase, who have been sending their well-wishes and hoping for his speedy recovery. His communication a few weeks after the accident was a balm to worried hearts, as he reassured fans of his successful surgery and ongoing treatment while also expressing his regret at not being able to perform.

 I made you worry, didn’t I? T.T I wanted to perform the ballads at least, but I couldn’t. I’m sorry. T.T

— Taeil On Bubble a few weeks after his accident

| Bubble

For weeks, the silence from Taeil’s end left many wondering about his recuperation. However, the air of anticipation turned to one of joy when Taeil appeared on stage, supported by crutches, at the group’s final concert in their home country. The appearance was unannounced, a well-kept secret that turned the evening into a happy surprise.

— may nct 막막콘 d-day! (@prettyingreens) November 26, 2023

: huh? who’s coming now?
: i think it’s celebrity~

(moon taeil appear with crutches)

: woah? wOAH?!?!??!?!?!?!
: AAAAA!!!!!!!
: moon taeil is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— ☾ (@taeil_zip) November 26, 2023

처음 자리 영상입니다~~~

— 햇 (@nctlover0606) November 26, 2023

Though he seemed to struggle with his crutches, Taeil remained on stage with his members to greet the fans after so long.


— ً (@nctymisfit) November 26, 2023

more than everyone, taeil really miss singing and performing on a stage. i’m really glad he’s got this opportunity to sing a bit on his supposed concert and got to taste that everyone is missing his existence too. please come back stronger and healthier

— 문탤루 | TAEIL ONLY (@Moon_Taerru) November 26, 2023

He even participated in the performance of “Touch,” a hit song known for its upbeat and lively melody.


— 타르트 (@ZWVELY) November 26, 2023

Despite his injury, Taeil’s presence was a testament to his dedication to NCT and their fans.

MOON TAEIL !!!!!!!!!

— CHOQUEI NCT (@choqueiNCT) November 26, 2023

Moreover, Taeil’s appearance was a precursor to more good news as he mentioned the group’s upcoming winter album, sparking excitement about what’s to come.

NCT 127 Winter Album spoiler ㅠㅠㅠ the song is very nice and the lyrics are so sweet ㅠㅠㅠ

Translation :
Come and run to me
Hug me warm and cozy
On that street I imagine
Would you be there for me


— Dyva (@captainuwu) November 25, 2023

The anticipation for the album is now coupled with the hope of seeing Taeil return to full health and taking his place on stage, not on crutches, but with the same powerful vocals that have become his hallmark.

 This follows Taeil’s injury in a bike accident in August. 

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