NCT’s Mark Chooses The K-Pop Idols That He Would Like To Be In A Group With


Many would say that no idol has debuted more times than NCT‘s Mark. On the recent episode of DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam, host Eric Nam asked Mark if he would like to be a part of any other groups.

NCT, NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and SuperM. Do you want any more groups?

— Eric Nam

Your browser does not support video.Eric Nam (left) and Mark (right) | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Mark suggested he could be in the group Eric Nam had placed him in when Eric made himself a dream K-Pop group. It included many idols from other groups, such as BTS, BLACKPINK, and many more.

Mark: I should be in the group that you made for me in that inerview…

Eric Nam: Got it.

Mark: It was with like a bunch of people.

So, Eric Nam suggested to Mark that he could, too, make his own K-Pop supergroup. However, he added a limit. It could only be five men.

If you had to make a K-Pop supergroup, who would be in that? You have to limit it to five.

— Eric Nam

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Mark naturally chose himself as the first member, followed by his fellow NCT member, Ten. He really would like to do a unit project with him.

Your browser does not support video.| DIVE Studios/YouTube

I’ll be in it. Ten will be in it. I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to do a unit with him, and like gladly enough, he thinks the same way. I keep thinking of NCT members…

— Mark

NCT’s Ten

Mark kept thinking of NCT members. But finally, he chose his friend, THE BOYZ‘s Kevin, who is also Canadian.

Your browser does not support video.| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Mark: I’ll just have… Kevin there.

Eric Nam: Which Kevin?

Mark: The Canadian one.

THE BOYZ’s Kevin

Mark then chose EXO‘s D.O. after a moment of thinking. He revealed he is a big fan of his labelmate.

Your browser does not support video.| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Mark: Dang, I’m being pressured.

Eric Nam: I’m telling you, this is actually hard. So, whenever they asked me this question, I just start throwing like names that come to my head, and then I have to justify.

Mark: I want D.O. hyung from EXO.

Eric Nam: Oh!

Mark: I’m a fan.

Eric Nam: Great call. He has a great voice.

Mark: I’m a fan, and I’m so happy he has a solo coming out. Please look forward to D.O.’s new solo project that’s coming out.

EXO’s D.O. 

Mark’s final choice was BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon. He jokingly asked if it was okay to discuss the legend with his legs crossed.

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Mark: I’ll just say one more…

Eric Nam: Are you stressed? This guy’s stressed…

Mark: I’ll have G-Dragon in there.

Eric Nam: Oh! All right.

Mark: Is this okay?

Eric Nam: Why is it not okay?

Mark: Should I not be crossing my legs when I say his name?


Mark created an impressive group when he realized he forgot to include Eric Nam, so he contemplated removing Kevin to make room. Thankfully, Eric declined the offer and saved a friendship.

Your browser does not support video.| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Eric Nam: That’s a pretty powerful group. You got GD, you got D.O., and we have Kevin… That’s so random.

Mark: Ah, dude! Can I take someone out? Wait. I’m sorry. Wait. All right, Kevin, I’m sorry. I’mma take you out, and I’mma put Eric Nam. I totally left you out.

Eric Nam: No, no, no, I refuse.

Mark: Oh, you refuse? All right, Kevin, you can go back in.

We definitely would pay money to see Mark’s supergroup in concert!

Check out the full episode below.

 We’d pay money to see this group! 

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