NCT’s Haechan Discusses His True Feelings About NCT WISH, Earning Mixed Reactions


When NCT made their debut, their concept was a group that would continue to expand through the years, debuting both new members and units.

The first NCT U line-up. | SM Entertainment

In 2023, it was announced that NCT’s never-ending expansion would end with the debut of the last subunit made of new members. This new unit, first called NCT NEW TEAM, was finally given their name, NCT WISH, in January 2024.

NCT WISH | @nctwishofficial/X

The other members of NCT have been featured in NCT WISH’s social media content to welcome the new unit.


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Recently, however, NCT’s Haechan offered his opinion on the new unit, sparking mixed reactions in the process.

NCT’s Haechan | SM Entertainment

During a live stream, Haechan chatted with fans about various topics, including NCT WISH. During the final episode of the survival show that formed the group, Haechan was featured as a special guest, so it makes sense that he would be asked about the group.

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Haechan began by saying what he was saying was his personal opinion and that it wasn’t easy to see the new unit as teammates due to it being his 8th year as an idol. He added that he does feel affection for them as new members, however, and that he wanted the best for them.

#HAECHAN mention #NCTWISH on today weverse live!!

— rey (@onyourm__markly) January 25, 2024

This is a personal opinion, really. But I’ve been doing this for 8 years now… They’re just debuting when I’m celebrating my 8th anniversary. So it’s not the easiest to see them as teammates yet… Like, I don’t feel all that close to them right now. But they’re the maknae members of NCT, a group that we worked really hard to build. So, I do feel affectionate toward them. I really want the best for them.

— Haechan

He continued, saying that it was OK not to see them as part of the team, referencing how each unit has different groups of fans and leaving it up to fans to decide if they wanted to like them or not.

That being said, I am kind of curious… I mean, isn’t it OK if you don’t quite see them as a part of the team? When NCT first started, it started as separate teams. And the fandom consisted of different groups of fans for each of those teams. That was what was intended, too. So, while I think it’d be great if you liked them, it’s up to you guys.

— Haechan

On one hand, what Haechan said is true — each unit has their own group of fans, sometimes overlapping, meaning it would not be unusual for this to happen with NCT WISH. Because of how NCT WISH were selected, a survival show only viewable through a subscription service, many in the fandom have already felt disconnected.

Many appreciated his honesty and agreed with what he said.

Some feel Haechan’s comment was not well-timed, as NCT WISH will debut soon, and many NCTzens have already hesitated to accept the unit due in part to their ages. Many reflected on how the fandom’s different groups of fans often clash with each other and how Haechan’s words could be used negatively.

You can check out NCT WISH’s introductory video below.

 Most agree he did not have negative intentions. 

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