NCT’s Chenle And Renjun Post Feet Pics — Mark And Kun’s Reactions Are All Of Us


With NCT DREAM‘s comeback getting closer, fans wished the group would drop spoilers of what to look forward to. Chenle and Renjun hilariously gave NCTzens what they wanted but not what they expected.

NCT’s Chenle and Renjun. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Through his Instagram account, Chenle posted a photo of his right foot, which was bruised and bandaged. He wrote, “Spoiler ,” in the caption.

Mark and WayV‘s Kun quickly posted their reactions to the feet pic. While Mark face-palmed, Kun posted a series of question marks. Chenle wasn’t the only member causing confusion with his feet pic, though.

NCT’s Mark and Kun’s responses to Chenle.

Renjun also uploaded a photo of both his bruised and bandaged feet with the caption, “But I’m gonna run..

NCTzens were just as confused and amused as Mark and Kun, sharing their funny reactions under the feet pics.

Fan comments under Chenle’s Instagram post. Fan comments under Renjun’s Instagram post.

Whatever NCT DREAM has prepared for their comeback, it looks like those feet pics might mean more than meets the eye.

NCT’s Mark, Chenle, and Kun. | Weibo Fans got what they wished for but not what they expected. 

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