NCT NEW TEAM May Finally Have An Official Group Name And Fans Are Loving It


The culmination of SM Entertainment‘s ambitious project, NCT, has been unfolding over the years, with numerous sub-units formed to showcase a variety of musical and cultural dynamics. The latest, and reportedly the final chapter in this endeavor, is the NCT NEW TEAM, initially referred to as NCT Tokyo.

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The anticipation surrounding this new group has been escalating, especially following their pre-debut single release, “Hands Up,” on October 8. This ensemble is not just a fresh addition to the NCT universe but carries the hopes of bridging musical landscapes between South Korea and Japan — and they may finally have an official group name!

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The journey towards the formation of NCT NEW TEAM has been both exhilarating and intricate. SM Entertainment, partnering with Avex Trax for this venture, envisioned a group that would resonate with the Japanese audience while maintaining the NCT ethos. The meticulous planning saw a mix of seasoned performers and new faces like Sion, Riku, Yushi, Daeyoung, Ryo, and Sakuya coming together.

This lineup was finalized through a series of engaging events, including a survival show and the revealing NCT Universe: Lastart series, which kept fans on the edge of their seats.

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In the lead-up to their official debut slated for 2024, the group not only dropped a catchy pre-debut single but also shared the stage with other NCT units at NCT Nation: To The World in Japan. The excitement was palpable as they performed in Osaka and Tokyo, hinting at the musical flair they are set to bring to the table.

Amidst the mounting anticipation, one aspect that has been a topic of endless speculation is the official name of this new team. The placeholder name, NCT NEW TEAM, doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, and fans have been buzzing with suggestions and theories.

The moniker NCT Tokyo had a geographical ring to it, while NCT Zone sounded edgy. However, a recent development has steered the narrative towards a more whimsical direction.


SM Entertainment’s latest trademark filings revealed a catchy potential name — NCT WISH.

오…우리 팀명 엔시티 위시인가

— 체리 (@SionCherry) October 29, 2023

This potential name not only encapsulates the dreams and aspirations of the young performers but also resonates with the overarching narrative of the NCT project. Or so say NCT fans who seem to have embraced the name, with social media abuzz with heartwarming messages and theories on how NCT WISH beautifully aligns with the journey of these artists.

the end goal of all the nct members realizing their dreams and reaching the end of them by rising together to reality and finally waking up and living their limitlessness into real life where their “dreams come true”

— 솜 (@neograduate) October 29, 2023

I’m gonna make this only tweet about kpop. About the name NCT Wish, I really think it’s a good name for them…. they went through so much and ended up together as a group. they all wished to become NCT, and they did. I’m sure when they put the name NCT 127, many people didnt +

— mari²⁶ FREE PALESTINE (@xxxmariiiixx) October 29, 2023

why is everybody like about “nct wish”? i really love it…?! there’s something so magical about the word wish. something so pure to the act of wishing for something for yourself or for others. belief in wonder is a powerful and precious thing and it suits them so well idgi

— owly アウリー (@yusionvision) October 29, 2023

As the anticipation for NCT NEW TEAM’s official debut continues to soar, the potential new name adds a layer of emotional and symbolic depth to their narrative. Whether as NCT NEW TEAM, NCT WISH, or any other name, the excitement surrounding these young talents is undeniably indicative of the remarkable journey that lies ahead, not just for the group but for the NCT project as a whole.

 The group still doesn’t have an official name, weeks after their pre-debut single release. 

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