NCT 127’s Unexpected Domestic Ticketing Challenges Confirm A Huge Concern For Future Events


NCT 127 just came back with their 5th full album, Fact Check.

Along with comeback details, NCT 127 shared a surprise many fans were waiting for — confirmation that they would embark on a new world. So far, the Seoul and Japan dates for NEO CITY: The Unity have been released, with the group performing six concerts at the KSPO Dome in Seoul Olympic Park.


WEEK 1 ➫
2023.11.17(FRI) – 7PM(KST)
2023.11.18(SAT) – 6PM(KST)
2023.11.19(SUN) – 4PM(KST)

WEEK 2 ➫
2023.11.24(FRI) – 7PM(KST)
2023.11.25(SAT) – 6PM(KST)
2023.11.26(SUN) – 4PM(KST)#NCT127

— NCT 127 (@NCTsmtown_127) October 16, 2023

On October 26, ticketing for the group’s fanclub occurred, and fans were immediately stressed out.

In addition to the ticketing platform reportedly not being the best, more than 140 thousand people tried to access tickets. There were also difficulties with buying tickets through SM’s Global Packages, with fans reporting all as sold out.

Almost 200k people in line for 127 tickets I’m crying so bad

— Chair| YUTA DAY (@butterflyutsie) October 26, 2023

worst ticketing experience of my life like I have never seen the global package site crashing ever, and yes24 wasn’t help either, 127 you are way too famous

— ❁ (@taemjsuh) October 26, 2023

Global Package ของ NCT127 NEO CITY – THE UNITY คอนเสิร์ต 6 วัน ทั้งหมด 24 แพค โซลเอาท์หมดแล้ว…………

— AM; 𝘯𝘺𝘤𝘵 𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘤𝘬 (@xxtothefullsun) October 26, 2023

This has left netizens concerned over ticketing for future NCT 127 events but for events in Korea in general.

| SM Entertainment

Many larger arenas usually used for events are currently out of commission — Jamsil Sports Complex‘s main stadium is unusable due to remodeling work that began in late August, and Gocheok Sky Dome is not easy to rent due to sporting events, and internal repairs will begin in December. Sangam World Cup Stadium is virtually impossible to rent due to turf issues.

Due to rental wars, many artists are forced to move to smaller venues that are also limited in availability. KSPO, where NCT 127 is performing, typically can host around 15,000 spectators.

While solutions are being worked out, including forming a consultative body, the present issue has led many to believe that Korea is even being passed up for events by Korean artists.

Currently, there is no large concert hall, so we are being pushed around like dominoes. As the main stadium, one of the largest concert halls, is under construction, and there is no concert hall where the entire group of BTS can perform, and Korea is being passed over even for performances in Korea.

— Ko Ki Ho, vice president of the Korean Popular Music Performance Industry Association (KPA)

With how popular NCT 127 is and the absolute nightmare ticketing appears to have been, it is easy to see why officials’ concerns are valid.

 Ticketing for any event is about to be a struggle. 

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