National Soccer Player Hwang Ui Jo Accused Of Sharing Illegal Sex-Tape OF Ex-Girlfriend With His Friends


National soccer player Hwang Ui Jo has recently been surrounded by controversy. His sex-tapes had been leaked in May 2023, leading him to convince his ex-girlfriend, who was also in the tapes, to sue the person who leaked the video. It was belatedly reported that Hwang had been facing blackmail by the person who leaked the videos. Hwang also claimed that the videos were filmed with consent. On the other hand, his ex-girlfriend has denied any consent.

Hwang argued through his legal representative that he had positioned the phone in a visible place during the filming and had even watched the videos with his ex. Hwang also claimed that if the girlfriend knew enough of the videos to ask him to delete them, it cannot be considered a hidden camera.

The ex-girlfriend’s legal representative has made a rebuttal.

Putting the phone where it can be seen, or watching the video together cannot be considered as “agreement.” The victim (ex-girlfriend) also asked him to delete the video. She felt panicked and ashamed, and thought that if she upset him, it would put her in a vulnerable position.

— Ex-girlfriend’s legal representative

Tip-offs were also received, claiming that Hwang had shared the sex-tape with his acquaintances. The ex-girlfriend’s legal representative stated that the perpetrator who had been arrested for leaking the videos had given a court statement that “Hwang shared the video with his acquaintances.” The perpetrator has been revealed to be his sister-in-law, who also acted as his manager.

The current coach of the K-League, Jürgen Klinsmann gave a statement to the media.

There is no clear result yet to the charges, and nothing has been proven. In the future, he can still continue to play.

— Jürgen Klinsmann

The ex’s legal representative urges the Korea Football Association and Klinsmann not to participate in a second round of harm to the victims by supporting Hwang due to his talents in the game.

 The person who leaked the videos made a statement to the court. 

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