National Girl Child Day: Is Kajol’s latest post a befitting reply to Nysa Devgn’s trollers?


National Girl Child Day: Today, 24th January, is observed as National Girl Child Day all over the world. Bollywood actress Kajol, who is a loving mother to her 20-year-old daughter Nysa Devgn, recently wrote a beautiful note on social media highlighting the importance of empowering daughters to fight their own battles. While the post was truly inspiring, it seemed like Kajol was responding to the trolls targeting her daughter Nysa.

Is Kajol’s latest post a befitting reply to Nysa Devgn’s trollers?

Kajol is known for being very protective of her children, especially her daughter Nysa. In a past interview, Kajol had shared that she is aware of Nysa’s online trolls and mentioned that Nysa is a young girl who conducts herself gracefully. She further stated that she will always be proud of her daughter and support her, no matter what. In her recent post, Kajol emphasized the need for creating a better world for our daughters, where they can thrive despite the difficulties thrown at them. Her post gave off a vibe that she was addressing it to Nysa’s trolls. Check out the post below.

On a recent episode of Koffee with Karan 8, Ajay Devgn (Kajol’s husband) opened up about Nysa being trolled online. He stated that, like any father, he does not appreciate people saying nasty things about his daughter. However, he also acknowledged that he cannot stop the trolls. Ajay further added that a section of people writing rubbish about you does not mean the whole world thinks the same way. Ajay also revealed that Nysa has no plans of becoming a Bollywood actress at the moment.

 National Girl Child Day: Kajol Devgn pens an emotional note for daughter Nysa. Check out what the actress has to say. 

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