“My Demon” Star Kim Yoo Jung Shocks Fans With Her Physique In Calvin Klein Photoshoot


Song Kang isn’t the only My Demon star with abs!

Song Kang (left) and Kim Yoo Jung (right)

Actress Kim Yoo Jung (also romanized as Kim You Jung) is garnering attention for her physique in a new photoshoot.

Kim Yoo Jung recently uploaded photos from a fashion brand Calvin Klein photoshoot at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang, in Vietnam.

| @you_r_love/Instagram

Calvin Klein photoshoots have the reputation of being quite sexy, as some are underwear-focused photoshoots. Kim Yoo Jung’s photoshoot focused on the brand’s clothing, such as jeans, tees, and accessories, instead.


Still, Kim Yoo Jung flaunted her toned physique in a couple of photos. Wearing a partially unbuttoned Calvin Klein cardigan, Yoo Jung revealed her abs.

She not only has an hourglass figure, but her toned abs left fans in shock. Some were wondering when she was going to drop the gym routine.

Her abs.. damn Yoojung needs to drop the tutorial pic.twitter.com/Fcflh0cNiz

— ً (@minikangie) January 22, 2024


— ً (@minikangie) January 22, 2024

Kim Yoo Jung is actually incredibly active. She can do anything from scuba diving to taekwondo.

She is a licensed scuba diver, an artist, knows taekwando, good at fishing

Wow what more she can do#KimYooJung https://t.co/EUlKdebW0i pic.twitter.com/TzZuDqyMjY

— Tara (@BBcreamomoya) January 21, 2024

So, it’s no wonder she has such a healthy physique!

 She flaunted her toned abs! 

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