“My Dearest” Production Team Sets A Positive Example Amidst K-Drama Filming Controversies


In recent times, the Korean entertainment landscape has seen a surge of nuisance filming issues, shedding light on the less glamorous side of producing popular TV shows and movies. However, amidst the swirling controversies, the production team of MBC’s hit drama My Dearest has emerged as an example of professionalism.


The courteous behavior of the My Dearest production team came into the limelight when a story about their respectful interaction with the public during a filming session was shared online. Unlike some other production crews that have been criticized for their high-handed approach towards the general public and on-set staff, the My Dearest crew was praised for seeking the understanding and cooperation of passers-by while filming at the Danyang Ondal Tourist Site.


Their respectful request for a brief pause during certain shots and the appreciative gestures from the staff towards the bystanders highlighted a level of professionalism that was applauded by Korean netizens.


This positive incident is a breath of fresh air, especially against the backdrop of previous controversies surrounding My Dearest. Earlier in May 2023, MBC had to sever ties with an external company supplying background actors following the shocking revelation that one of the minor role actors was involved in a sexual assault case back in 2004. The incident had cast a long shadow over the drama, making this recent act of courtesy all the more redemptive.


Moreover, the respectful demeanor displayed by the “My Dearest” production team stands in stark contrast to some recent incidents where filming crews were heavily criticized. Notable among them were the teams behind Netflix‘s Squid Game 2, Mask Girl, and Mr. Plankton, who faced backlash for their disruptive filming practices and rude interactions with the public.

Last July, someone shared that Squid Game 2 staff members were rudely obstructing people from using an escalator and directing them to alternative routes. In response to the unfolding discussions surrounding the incident, the Squid Game 2 production team extended their apologies for any discomfort caused during their filming activities, underscoring their endeavor to keep the public informed about on-site filming circumstances.

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My Dearest team’s approach not only reflects well on their production but also sets a positive precedent in an industry currently grappling with image issues due to filming controversies. It goes to show that with a bit of courtesy and understanding, the delicate balance between public space and filming demands can indeed be maintained. Furthermore, this respectful interaction has likely contributed to fostering a more favorable public image, which is crucial, especially in an industry where public perception can significantly impact a show’s success.


Moreover, the positive buzz around the behavior of My Dearest production team also coincides with the drama’s soaring popularity, with key cast members topping high buzz rankings and the show itself achieving commendable viewership ratings.

 MBC’s hit drama “My Dearest” has emerged as an example of professionalism. 

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