MTV’s Comments About JYP Girl Group VCHA Is Met With Intense Criticism


A comment made about girl group VCHA by an MTV host has caused a heated debate online.

The members of VCHA | @official_VCHA/Twitter

VCHA was created through JYP Entertainment‘s audition show A2K.

The contestants of A2K | JYP Entertainment

Along with releasing their first ever single called “Girls of the Year…”

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The group has been opening for TWICE on their world tour.

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The members have also been promoting themselves on different shows and platforms, including the global channel MTV. During a video shared on MTV’s X page, the host introduced the girls, and it caused mixed reactions.

In the video, the host explained…

Now, you guys are very exciting to talk to because you are the first-ever global group group in the music industry.

— Host

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Yet, while VCHA has definitely made their mark as a global girl group, K-Pop fans had mixed feelings about MTV using the phrase “first-ever Global Girl Group in the music industry.”

Not taking into consideration Western groups, netizens hit back at the statement, claiming it was setting the girls up as there had been many other global groups even within K-Pop. Fans shared examples of both K-Pop and other groups considered “global,” pointing to groups like BLACKSWAN, Lapillus, XG, and many other groups with many different nationalities.

Not only does this show a lack of research was done. It also is a slap in the face to groups that came before them and is just setting these girls up.

— N♡︎⁷ saw OEC (@cloudyyjun) February 21, 2024

This is not only an insult or erasure to blackswan but also from groups like now united and boy’s world. And I now 100% believe that jyp is the one that is pushing this narrative

— Alora_Lumina⪩ ⪨ (@UniverseAlora) February 21, 2024

Jyp just wants to be first at something so bad the erasure of XG and Blackswan is CRAZY

— to. z ¹²⁷ (@taemeezyy) February 20, 2024

Aren’t they all American…? Cause if having different ethnicities makes them “global” they aren’t even top 10 on the list

— peach girl (@Nikie9door) February 21, 2024

While VCHA are talented, fans thought the nickname of “First ever global group” seemed to be setting the members up as it wasn’t true, not even in the K-Pop industry alone. The VCHA members are good enough to earn a unique nickname and one that won’t downplay the achievements of groups before them.

 Netizens thought it was setting the members up to be criticized. 

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