Moon Ga Young And Kim Seon Ho Reunite In New Project


After a few years, True Beauty actress Moon Ga Young (also romanized as Mun Ka Young) and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor Kim Seon Ho have reunited!

Moon Ga Young (left) and Kim Seon Ho (right) | Nau

They previously worked together on the 2019 K-Drama Welcome to Waikiki 2. He portrayed Cha Woo Sik, a struggling singer who was reunited with his first love, high school classmate, Han Soo Yeon (Moon Ga Young), after her wedding was postponed. The K-Drama was a success, and viewers loved this couple!

Now, like their characters, OTP Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young have been reunited, thanks to BIGBANG‘s Daesung, who just made his comeback.

Daesung | R&D Company

Daesung released his new single “Falling Slowly” along with its MV. The heartfelt song conveys the sorrow of a long-lost love, and Kim Seon Ho beautifully brought this to life in the music video.

| R&D Company

In the MV, Kim Seon Ho reflects on his memories with his past lover, Moon Ga Young. It appears that Seon Ho was a spy whose target was Ga Young‘s boyfriend. So, he tapped Ga Young‘s phone, and eventually, the two became close, becoming lovers. Unfortunately, his dangerous life caught up to him when she discovered the truth. The two didn’t just break up, but she betrayed him.

Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young proved just what versatile actors they are as their relationship in the new MV couldn’t be more different from theirs in Welcome to Waikiki 2. Fans were in awe of their acting, commenting that it felt like a movie.

an mv where seonho and gayoung were pointing at guns to eo ??? A masterpiece fr #kimseonho #moongayoung

— dimp (@uhmm_j) March 5, 2024

saw a lot of comments under the mv praising seonho & gayoung acting and most of them said it feels like watching a movie

— (@kshjjangs) March 5, 2024

song lyrics: “falling slowly again in this memory”

don’t tell me gayoung is only in his memory????

seon-woojin stop ittttt not again why do you like pain but ofc give it to meeee

— mi (@seonho_myhihyu) March 1, 2024

never have i ever imagine to get this lovers to enemies trope with seonho and gayoung. THANK YOU DAESUNG #Falling_Slowly #kimseonho #moongayoung

— sazzy (@seonhokimdaily) March 5, 2024

Previously, Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young reunited in 2020 when he made a cameo appearance in K-Drama Find Me in Your Memory. He portrayed top actor Seo Kwang Jin, who got caught up in a dating scandal with Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young).

Moon Ga Young and Kim Seon Ho reunited again in 2021 as Nau brand ambassadors. They did commercial photoshoots together for the brand’s 2021 spring/summer collection.

They have such great chemistry! Now, we just need them to lead another K-Drama together.

 It’s been a few years since they last worked together! 

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