Months-Old Decomposed Female Body Found In South Korean Parking Lot 


In a horrifying discovery at a Jeongseon resort parking lot, the body of a 52-year-old woman was found inside a vehicle, sparking a police investigation into her death.

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The Jeongseon Police reported that the body of Ms. A was located late at night on April 14, around 10:11 PM, on the fourth floor of a parking structure at a local resort in Jeongseon County. The body, which was found in the back seat of a car by resort security during a routine patrol, appeared to have been deceased for between one and two months.

Authorities are now diligently working to determine the precise cause of Ms. A’s death, examining forensic evidence and awaiting autopsy results.

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In a related but separate incident earlier in the month, another violent event shook the community. On April 10, in a Jeonju commercial parking lot, a young woman in her twenties, identified only as Ms. B, was found by a passerby in a critical state after an apparent robbery attack.

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The incident occurred in the early morning hours in Geumam-dong. Ms. B was assaulted, stripped of her clothing and mobile phone, and left unconscious and bleeding from the head. The attacker, a man in his twenties named Mr. C, was later arrested by the Jeonju Deokjin Police on charges of robbery and assault.

Following the assault, a report from a concerned passerby led emergency services to the scene, where Ms. B was quickly transported to a nearby hospital. Thankfully, her injuries were not life-threatening. The police, aided by CCTV footage, tracked down Mr. C and arrested him at his residence around 8:30 PM the same day.

Both of these incidents have raised concerns about safety in public parking areas, prompting local authorities to consider increasing security measures and surveillance to prevent similar crimes in the future.

 The body was found in the back seat of a car. 

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