MONSTA X’s Shownu Shaves Hyungwon’s Head For His Enlistment


MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon wrote a heartfelt letter to fans in October, announcing his upcoming military enlistment on November 14. With less than twenty-four hours left, the idol shared photos of getting the ceremonial haircut.

Hyungwon | @wonyoulove115/Twitter

Through his latest Instagram post, Hyungwon shared every step of the process. Wearing a smile, he showed his long hair before the haircut began.

| @coenffl/Instagram

MONSTA X’s leader Shownu lent a hand to shave Hyungwon’s head, creating a beautiful memory for the group and MONBEBEs.

Shownu shaving Hyungwon’s head. | @coenffl/Instagram

And with the help of a professional hairstylist, Hyungwon’s haircut was evened out and shaped properly.

| @coenffl/Instagram

Saluting the camera, Hyungwon showed off his new buzzcut with Shownu.

| @coenffl/Instagram

Although fans are sad that Hyungwon will be away for so long, there’s still a chance to see him off before he formally enlists.

| @coenffl/Instagram | @coenffl/Instagram Hyungwon will be enlisting very soon. 

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