Mnet’s Latest Reality Show Is Dubbed “Cruel” After A New Rule Is Introduced


Mnet is known for its reality and shows, but they often come under criticism.

Contestants of “Produce 101” | Mnet Contestants of “Girls Planet 999” | Mnet The K-Pop groups who participated in “Kingdom” | Mnet

One of Mnet’s most recent shows to air is Street Dance Girls Fighter 2, a spin-off from Street Woman Fighter which involves much younger dancers, mainly those in high school.

The “Street Dance Girls Fighter 2” poster and mentors | Mnet

The new series recently started, but a new and unexpected rule has netizens criticizing the serious for being unnecessarily “cruel” and “harsh.”

In the clip, MC Kang Daniel announced that each of the crew masters will then create a brand new group with seven members from the entire pool of contestants after a dance battle.

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When a YouTuber reviewed the episode, they explained more clearly that the show had changed from something following teams to an individual battle while the actual teams would basically be “disbanded.”

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After it was announced, while all the contestants were shocked…

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The judges and dancers were just as surprised. Audrey Lane explained, “Oh no, I’m so sad,” while some of the other masters were seen crying.

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When the clip was shared, netizens couldn’t get over how “cruel” Mnet was being. Although the rumors had allegedly been circulating over Korean forums, the reality seemed even harsher, and netizens couldn’t hide their anger, especially as the contestants are so young.


— ljkn (@jungkrsten) November 21, 2023

This explains the lack of “umph” then.

The MASTERS of each crew would have to choose 7 MEMBERS out of all the crews and solos that chose them.

They’re basically creating a NEW CREW out of it.

This rumor had been going around in k-twt last week. This is so cruel.

— ljkn (@jungkrsten) November 21, 2023

this makes no fucking sense?!? why did they have to make such an evil rule to these young girls and make them separated from their own crews???

i was really surprised when there were solos and that fkn explains why.. i’m just so mad rn

— yan ☻ (@badalee) November 21, 2023

In the past, Mnet has been known for its strict and harsh rules in reality shows. Yet, considering how young the contestants are, with many not really being in the entertainment industry, it feels even harsher.

 The contestants are students. 

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