Meet The Young Singer Koreans Are Calling “Little Jennie”


Show Queen is a new survival program for aspiring singers. Recently, a young contestant aged 11 years old has been gaining attention. Although she is still a teen, she has displayed charisma, vocals, and dance skills that are far beyond her age. Her visuals are also top-notch, bearing a striking similarity to BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

Jung Cho Ha is currently a student aspiring to be a singer. She is also a huge fan of Jennie, looking up to the star. Cho Ha wants to “become a famous singer like Jennie.

She introduced herself as “Little Jennie,” being well aware of her nickname amongst netizens.

Her gummy smile, lovely cheeks, and overall face shape is very similar to Jennie’s.

Here’s a picture of Jennie for comparison.

In-keeping with her nickname, Jung Cho Ha also sang Jennie’s “Solo” for her performance.

Her stable vocals immediately gained her a huge following. Many netizens agreed that she looked just like Jennie’s sister. Others also compared her to IVE‘s Wonyoung and Chuu.

Netizen comments. | YouTube Her voice is really gifted from the gods. It’s one that I want to keep listening to. She’s a mix of Jennie, Wonyoung, and Chuu. Her visuals are insane. Her cover of Jennie’s “Solo” is really insane. Once she gets older, her visuals will also be pretty. Hope she gets famous. She’s a total natural beauty who has never done plastic surgery. She’s really pretty. I thought she was Jennie’s sister. I think she will be really successfully. Hope she grows up healthily and well like she is now.

She certainly has the star factor down!

 She looks strikingly similar to Jennie. 

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