MEENOI Makes First Public Appearance Since Her Recent Controversies


Rapper MEENOI’s recent whereabouts after she got entangled in a series of controversies within just a day has drawn significant attention from netizens.

MEENOI | @meenoie/Instagram

Previously, the rapper left fans confused with a convoluted, tearful apology through an Instagram livestream. She vaguely mentioned having “sinned,” though she never specified what she was apologizing for.

Because unlike me, everyone lives within the confines of the law, and when I reflect back, I realize I didn’t live with the humility required of someone in my position, and because of this, I have sinned.The things that I have done are like this. I am so sorry to and thankful for so many people. I am sure I might seem unstable at times to those who watch me try to take responsibility for these things. Now that I am writing this long letter, I realize that people who were curious and judged me for talking slowly were actually giving me a lot of strength. As for today, I will write everything that I want to. Please support me rather than be concerned for me, but I’ll accept your concerns thankfully.


The apology sparked quite some rumors, with netizens speculating what sin she could be referring to. At the same time, the rapper got backlash after many spotted a pack of cigarettes and an ashtray full of cigarette butts on her livestream.

Recently, it was revealed that the apology came as a result of MEENOI failing to show up for a commercial shoot, which has possibly dragged her into a legal battle.

Amidst the situation, MEENOI made her first public appearance on February 6. The Korean media outlet MyDaily published exclusive pictures of the rapper performing on stage at a freshman orientation event at a university at Vivaldi Park in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province.

The rapper performed and interacted with the audience, keeping her professional mode on. An audience member from this show told MyDaily that MEENOI made a reference to her recent controversy on stage. The audience member recalled that the rapper’s mood was not quite there in the beginning; she finished the performance with a bang.

Many praised the rapper for keeping up with her professional commitments despite her currently tense circumstances. You can read more about MEENOI’s recent livestream, which led to these scandals, here.

 She has been in the spotlight for the past three days for one after another scandal. 

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