MBC’s Hit K-Drama Leaves Viewers Desperate With “The Worst Ending” Ever


After airing its final two episodes, MBC‘s Knight Flower has been crowned the broadcasting channel’s most-viewed weekend K-Drama with a whopping 18.4% viewer ratings.

“Knight Flower” | MBC

A thrilling rom-com between a widowed vigilante, Yeo Hwa, and a “stuffy” guard officer, Soo Ho, Knight Flower had everyone longing for the most romantic grand finale.

Yeo Hwa gets married into the Second State Councilor’s family as the eldest daughter-in-law, the most prestigious family in Joseon. However, she becomes a widow as her husband dies on the day of her wedding. She ends up locked in the house in sorrow for her husband, dreaming of the world outside the gate. Ever since then, she has had a dangerous secret. She jumps from roof to roof at night wearing a mask and looks for people who need help. Her double life was perfect until she met Park Soo Ho, the intelligent yet stuffy officer of the Forbidden Guard Division. His attractive looks, ability, and outstanding swordcraft are second to none. Without knowing whether it is a coincidence or fate, things get complicated as Soo Ho keeps bumping into Yeo Hwa wherever she goes at night wearing the mask. Does this man know about her secret? Yeo Hwa’s double life, which she has kept hidden so far, is about to be revealed!

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Well, except the director, it seems.

In the last scene of the show, the main leads share an intimate moment under the moonlight.

[Video could not be displayed]

And while the viewers held their breaths to see Soo Ho plant a kiss on Yeo Hwa…

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…boom! Knight Flower was over!

Twitter user @season__22 said, in their viral tweet, that Knight Flower now has “the most baffling ending scene in the history of all K-Dramas” for “cutting off right before the kiss.”

한드사상 ㄹㅈㄷ 황당 엔딩
키스 직전 막화 샤따 내리기 pic.twitter.com/ZCFxzpoSwE

— 시즌 (@season__22) February 17, 2024

Other viewers, also bamboozled by the abrupt ending, rushed to the internet to triple-check that it was over-over. In a playful complaint, viewers demanded a second season to “finish what was started.”

| theqoo “Wait, Mr. Director…?! This is the worst. You could’ve ended right after the lips lock?! PLEASE? WE DESERVE THAT MUCH, NO???” “What the heck? Give us more! LET ME SEE.” “I was sitting there going, ‘OMG, OMG. WTH, WTH. THIS IS IT, THIS IS IT.’ And then it was over. What am I supposed to do now? This is so stupid.” “GIVE US MORE.” “Lee Jong Won in this final episode gave me all kinds of butterflies.” “I was so excited for the usual extra bit of clip at the end. BUT NO! What the heck is this?! This better be an excuse for the second season!” “I’ve lost it, TBH. I need more. MORE MORE MORE!” “It was the most perfect K-Drama ever.” “Whoa. Both of them sound so good doing their lines in this scene, haha.” “What the-? I thought the two would at least get a little smooch or something… T-T”

As devastating as it is, viewers now have the freedom to imagine their own versions of Yeo Hwa and Soo Ho’s happily-ever-after!

Check out the grand finale here.


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