“Marry My Husband’s” Na In Woo’s Enlistment News Spark Panic


Korean fans are devastated to learn that “Marry My Husband” actor Na In Woo will be enlisting in the military.

Na In Woo | Naver

On February 15, it was reported that “Marry My Husband” actor Na In Woo has asked to delay his enlistment into the military in order to enjoy a vacation with the cast of his hit K-Drama. The all-expense-paid vacation is reportedly a gift from tvN to congratulate the cast on their success.

On this day, Na In Woo’s representatives confirmed the report in a statement.

We are hoping to join the vacation after receiving permission from the Military Manpower Administration.

— Na In Woo’s representative

The news quickly went viral and sparked panic among his fans, who didn’t know the actor still needed to fulfill his military duties. Many fans expressed shock and devastation at the news.

It’s shocking he hasn’t gone yet despite being born in 1994. If he hasn’t gone to the army yet, that means he can’t appear on 1 Night 2 Days either. I’m sad to think we won’t be able to see him ㅠㅠ. I hope he returns to 1 Night 2 Days after being discharged. 1 Night 2 Days members have such good chemistry, it’s a shame that she’s going to the military. Na In Woo still hasn’t gone to the military?  I liked him on 1 Night 2 Days. I hope he returns once he is discharged. It would have been great if In Woo could continue this good run… I am so sad he is going to the military. Ah, I’m so sad ㅠㅠ. I think  He hasn’t gone yet? Oh…

What are your thoughts?

 Fans are devastated. 

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