“Marry My Husband” Park Min Young Reignites Controversy After New Ties To Ex-Boyfriend Are Exposed


Park Min Young is being scrutinized once again for her business affairs.

Park Min Young

On February 21, news outlet Biz Hankook reported that Park Min Young was listed on the board of directors for a construction company named One Stone.

Money Today

According to business records, One Stone had changed its name three times prior, first being named Jijoong Tour, then being named Biz Mall Tour, and then Hao Soft. The report states that the nature of the business has also changed and that the construction business was originally a travel agency.

Notably, the business, which has its offices in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, is listed as being in the same building as a cellphone store affiliated with the actress’s controversial ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun.

Dispatch Reveals Actress Park Min Young Lied About Financial Ties With Controversial Ex-Boyfriend

Netizens reacted to the news, with many criticizing Park Min Young. Many fans couldn’t understand why she would be conducting such shady business.

I don’t understand (why she is doing this), she’s already rich from her K-Dramas. She isn’t an outside board director but an internal one? Lol, I’m stunned. Why is she living like someone who just learned the taste of money after never having any?  Would she date a cellphone salesman who is also a financial scammer if she was from a rich family? She has no shame. Why is she like this, when this unnie already makes so much money?

Again? She’s financially invested. She’s as shady as they come.  Sigh, I watched her drama for Song Ha Yoon and Lee Yi Kyung anyway. I guess she had a deal with the news outlet to wait until the drama was over before releasing the news. Crazy. She’s f@cking Steve Jobs, sigh, lol.

Stay tuned for updates.


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