“Marry My Husband” Actor Comes Under Fire After Latest Episode


Marry My Husband‘s Lee Gi Kwang is facing criticism for his poor acting.

Lee Gi Kwang

On January 31, a post titled “People From Gyeongsang-Do Say: Please Stop” went viral.

In the post, a netizen uploaded a scene from Marry My Husband. In the scene, Lee Gi Kwang is seen congratulating Park Min Young’s character on her marriage. The clip went viral among viewers who weren’t impressed with Lee Gi Kwang’s acting.

대구사람 듣기 불편…(나 대구사람)

— ʜʏᴇʏᴜᴍ (@hyx_yxm) January 30, 2024

Gyeonsang-do people say: Please stop I’m from Daegu, and I feel uncomfortable.

For context, Gyeongsang-do is in the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula. The people in the area are renowned for their toughness as well as their unique accent.

Aespa’s Winter previously went viral for her Gyeongsang-do accent

Unfortunately for Lee Gi Kwang, it seems his Gyeongsang-do accent wasn’t very believable. Netizens overwhelmingly reacted negatively to the idol’s rendition and criticized him for his poor acting.

Seriously, his forced accent is hard to listen to. If you aren’t going to do it right, then just don’t do it. I guess they don’t have anyone on staff who is from Gyeongsang-do. I knew as soon as I heard him say, “Marriage.” Do they think that if they add just any melody to their tone, that it’s  a Gyeongsang-do accent? Does he not practice? He should have asked a Gyeongsang-do native to record themselves speaking so he can practice with it. Ha… Seriously…. It bothers me so much, lol. What accent is this? This is seriously bad… He should have, at the very least, asked a native to record themselves and practiced with it… This is disappointing. Is he crazy? He sounds like a Seoulite who is mixing Daegu and Busan accents. You shouldn’t raise the first syllable when speaking in a Gyeongsang-do accent.

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