Man Throws Album At Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Demands She Gives Him Her Phone Number 


Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently went through a scary event at a fan sign.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | SM Entertainment

Taeyeon just returned with a new mini-album, titled X, featuring the title track, “To. X.”

On Friday, December 8, KST, Taeyeon held an in-person fan sign event for a small number of lucky fans. Unfortunately, one of the event winners took things way too far, scaring both Taeyeon and the other fans.

According to a fan who attended the event, the 49th person to meet the idol acted strangely before throwing/slamming his album towards Taeyeon, demanding she give her his phone number.

그리고 태연 버블에 대해서 디엠으로 물어보는 분들이 계셔서 태연이도 숨길게 아니라 소원분들이 다들 알고 있어야 조심하고 대비를 한다고 해서.. 간단하게 말씀드리면 49번 어떤 남자 차례가 됐는데 자기 차례인데도 바로 안오고 어기적 어기적 거리길래 쳐다보고 있었는데 책상으로 걸어가더니…

— 출구없태연 (@no_exit_taeyeon) December 8, 2023

Also, I had some people DM me to ask about Taeyeon’s Bubble. Taeyeon said not to keep it a secret; In fact, she said all SONEs should know to be more aware and better prepared. Long story short, it was #49’s turn. But this guy didn’t come over right away. He was kind of moping around, so we were all staring at him. And that’s when he walked up to the desk and literally threw/slammed his album on the desk. At first, we thought he was doing a skit or something. So we were like, “What’s going on?” Then he started screaming at her to give him her phone number. So the security guards and the manager stopped him and dragged him out of there. (It became very evident that he wasn’t mentally stable.)

Taeyeon immediately held up her mic and asked us if we were OK… Like, she tried to look after her fans. And she was worried that he ruined our day, so she tried to make us feel better. She was worried that he might try to come back and fool around again when we were on our way home. So one of the fans told her that we’d stick together. She said we should group and stay together until we’re safely home. She was so worried, especially since the world’s a mess right now.

— Fan

After he was dragged out by security, Taeyeon checked on the fans and spent time trying to make sure they were all alright. She even tried to lighten the mood by saying that even after so many years as an idol, things like that still happened.

그러고 나서는 16년째에도 이렇게 이런 일이 있을 수 있다하면서 분위기 풀어줌 (예전에도 이런 비슷한 상황이 한 번있었다구ㅠㅠ) 팬이 핫하다 핫해!!!! 슈스다 슈스 하니까 그건 아니라구 하는 겸손한 슈스ㅠㅠㅠㅠ끝까지 조심하며 살자구ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

— 출구없태연 (@no_exit_taeyeon) December 8, 2023

Then, to lighten up the mood, Taeyeon said that even 16 years after debuting, she was having stuff like this happen. (She talked about how she had something similar happen before.) So we were like, “You still got it! So hot! Such a superstar!” Then she got humble and said she wasn’t. Anyway, let us all stay safe out there.

— Fan

Following the event, Taeyeon sent a message via Dear. U Bubble, expressing shock over what happened. She also continued to urge the fans to stay vigilant and get home safely.

TaeyeonAside from how surprised I was, I actually can’t get over how he literally threw the album. Like, I worked really hard on putting it together… I’m sure it was quite a scare for everyone who attended today. Please get home safely. This makes me so sad.

Taeyeon: I thought about what happened for a while… And I decided I shouldn’t keep stuff like this secret. I should let everyone know what happened. That way, we can all be more vigilant and better prepared!

Due to company policy, only a short amount of time at the end of Taeyeon’s fan sign was allowed to be recorded. Thankfully, she appeared in good spirits, posing and answering questions for fans.

#태연 고양이하트 ♡

— To. 우미 (@ttaeyeonii) December 8, 2023

taeyeon for her first ever solo fansign since 2019 🥹🫶

— to.﹢ (@piscesgirI39) December 8, 2023

Being able to meet idols up close and personal is a privilege and hopefully, no more instances like this occur.

 Taeyeon later addressed the situation to fans. 

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