MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Debuts “Polar Opposite” Version of Mega-Viral Dance In Sexy Outfit


What makes dance covers and challenges worthwhile? Seeing all the different grooves that idols serve and appreciating the unique color each artist brings to the K-Pop land. That said, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has become an overnight sensation all over again with her spiced-up version of the current TikTok favorite, ILLIT‘s “Magnetic.”

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa | @OfficialPnation/X

During “HWASA the 1st FANCON TOUR [Twits] in Seoul,” Hwasa offered to show her version of “Magnetic.” Amid high anticipation, Hwasa nailed the super-viral choreography…

…making it the sexiest rendition yet!

아녜젠이 말아주는 magnetic 챌린지

— 다음타자김용똔 (@daum_taja_) April 20, 2024

MC Lee Eun Ji: “Magnetic?”

Hwasa: “Magnetic.” Just a little bit.

Lee Eun Ji: Oh, wow. I’m so excited for this. Is this the first time we’re seeing Hwasa’s version of “Magnetic?”

Hwasa: Right.

In addition to being mind-blown by Hwasa spinning the choreography with her kick to it, fans couldn’t keep their eyes off her outfit, highlighting her gorgeous shape.

| @daum_taja_/X | @daum_taja_/X

Dubbing it “a completely different kind of magnetic” vibe, the short performance has since gained a tremendous amount of attention across social media platforms and online communities.

| theqoo “Sing it for us, too!” “How come the video is not ending…?” “I’m WHIPPED for the way her eyebrows move…” “It’s like the same choreo, but polar opposite vibes. I feel like had MAMAMOO performed ‘Magnetic’ as a group, it would’ve become even more popular among international fans.” “So crisp. I love her facial expressions, too.” “Whoa… Her body is bodying in that outfit.” “Wowza, her figure is… I couldn’t focus on the dance moves because I was too busy looking at her body. LOL.”

This is not the sole outfit/performance that threw Hwasa fans into a craze. The idol also lit the stage on fire in a skintight mini dress, making her performance a thousand times iconic:


— 나미 청이 (@hwasupreme) April 20, 2024

Hwasa’s first-ever fancon tour is set to continue around Asia in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Singapore. Check out P NATION‘s official announcement below for more information!

HWASA the 1st FANCON TOUR [Twits]

The thrilling first meeting of ‘HWASA’ and ‘Twits’
“I’ll shower my love on stage once more today”

2024.05.11 Hong Kong
2024.06.16 Taipei
2024.06.22 Singapore

#화사 #HWASA#Concert #콘서트 #Twits #멍청이#PNATION #피네이션

— P NATION (@OfficialPnation) April 1, 2024

 Her body, bodying. 👀 

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