Malayalam TV actress Dr Priya passes away due to cardiac arrest whilst being eight months pregnant


After the tragic demise of actress Renjusha Menon, the Malayalam industry has been rocked with one more devastating news. Actress Dr. Priya who has worked in a number of TV serials has passed away. She died due to a cardiac arrest. She was 35 and eight months pregnant. It seems the actress had gone to the hospital for a routine health check-up where the cardiac arrest happened. She passed away while her newborn is now in the ICU. The most shocking aspect is that the actress did not have any prior health issues whatsoever. It seems Priya was pursuing medical studies and also working in the PRS Hospital of Thiruvananthapuram. The news of the death was made public by actor Kishor Sathya who said it was a tragedy beyond imagination. He said both the actress’ mother and husband are inconsolable. He said he found it hard to offer any words of condolence on the death of someone as young as Dr Priya. Kishor Sathya said it was hard to fathom how God-fearing people like them were suffering this. Dr Priya was married to Saravanan who is from Bengaluru. It seems her husband had been with his wife for past six months looking after her. The actress lived with her mother in Poojappura. Just two days back, actress Renjusha Menon died by suicide. She was also a very well known actress in the Malayalam industry. She is survived by her husband, mother and father. The police are investigating all the angles in her case. Post COVID-19, there has been a sharp rise in the number of young people passing away due to cardiac arrests or heart attacks. This has alarmed doctors the world over. We extend our condolences to the grieving family and hope that they find the strength to move on.

 After the shocking demise of Renjusha Menon, the Malayalam TV industry is rocked by the death of doctor Priya. She passed away at 35 due to cardiac arrest 

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