Lust Stories 2 star Angad Bedi reveals Neha Dhupia’s reaction; shares thoughts on ‘Test drive before marriage’ funda [EXCLUSIVE]


Lust Stories 2 has managed to capture everyone’s attention. The anthology has four films by four directors showcasing different forms of lust and love has got positive reviews from all corners. In R Balki’s film Made For Each Other, we see Angad Bedi, Mrunal Thakur and Neena Gupta playing pivotal roles. The story is about a grandmother advising kids to ensure physical compatibility before marriage. The idea of a Test Drive before Marriage is the crux of the story. We got in touch with Angad Bedi to know more about Lust Stories 2. Excerpt from the interview here.

What was your reaction to Lust Stories 2?

I loved the screenplay. I just thought it was very different from the usual. You know, you have a perspective from the grandparent, a grandmother talking about how a modern-day couple should be and what all they should discover and experience about each other. I just felt that one-liner was really endearing. It was nice, it was humorous, it had a lot of sensitivity, it had love which led to the whole aspect of lust. I always like to explore not just different genres, but I just felt that here there was an opportunity to romance Mrunal not just as a character in Veda, but also her and understand her. I really follow her work and I felt she is very good as an actor. I love collaborating with good-energy actors. And Balki sir, what can I say, this is my second project with him. I finished Ghoomer. While I was shooting for Ghoomer, he saw me on the edit, while you were seeing the edit he offered me this film. He said I just see you as correct as Arjun. And my Arjun as a character is very sensitive, he is very sweet, his presence is there, but at the same time, he is very selfless as a person. He said I want all those traits in the character and I just feel that you should do it. I said are you offering it to me? He said yes, you should consider. I said Balki sir, if you want me there, just say it. He said yeah, the next five days you are with me. That’s how the film happened. And it was nice because one, I really value him as a maker. His understanding of human beings as people is immense.

What was Neha Dhupia’s reaction?

She was part of the first one if you remember. So, you know, it was nice to be a part of the second. She really enjoyed and loved the film and she is very happy to see the film. And for us, we take great pride in working with very good filmmakers. Neha worked with Karan and I worked with Balki sir. And I just feel that an actor is only as good or bad as their maker. And we have been handled very well, both Mrunal and me. Very nicely, very softly, very gently. We were also, you know, in our own energies, bringing something to the characters which Balki sir let it happen in the most beautiful way. So I feel that you know, it was great. What happens in love, ours is more of a love story that leads to lust. It’s not a lust story if you saw the film. So what happens is that love is a very simple emotion that we have all grown up on. But to play the simple emotion on screen is a very complex and complicated way. Because it is also very easy. But then it should look very natural. Sometimes you have to be in a very different zone for love. Love is all about giving. It’s not about taking. So my character is also like that. It’s about how you can give. He is the person who people should be, when they see Arjun as a character, they should feel that he is not a sweet guy in India. And that was my moral victory. The reason being is that when they saw Rajveer Singh of Pink, they said, there is no greyer guy than him in India. People liked it, so my job is done.

What your take on Test Drive Before marriage?

Yes. Why not? It is very important to be in this space because if you have physical compatibility you should know it beforehand. It’s not like the physical compatibility of your spouse is bad. It’s not that the spouse is bad. I feel that there is a reason why you have to figure all these things out because if you want to be happy in your marriage, there will be arguments between men and women. There will be fights, there will be disagreements, there will be love. But if you have good physical compatibility then all the negative qualities like arguments, fights, etc. will be hidden. But if you don’t have physical compatibility then the relationship will be very cold.

 Angad Bedi got candid about Lust Stories 2 and how Neha Dhupia reacted to when she got to know about his casting in R Balki’s film. 

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