Lee Hyori Sends DMs To Her K-Pop Juniors, But Not To Jennie Or Sunmi


Korean diva Lee Hyori recently revealed her special affection for her K-Pop juniors and how she sends them DMs.

Lee Hyori | @lee_hyolee/Instagram

On April 9, Lee Hyori appeared as a guest on Tak Jae Hoon‘s YouTube show No Back Tak Jae Hoon and showcased her cool “girl crush” personality.

In the interview, she covered a variety of topics: how she started doing commercial advertisements again after a long hiatus, her relationship with her husband, Lee Sang Soon, and her new song “HOODIE E BANBAJI.”

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Tak Jae Hoon then mentioned that he heard Lee Hyori looked at pretty girl groups on Instagram whenever she is stressed. Lee Hyori confirmed this by emphasizing her love for her juniors.

These days, more than boy groups, [I’m more interested in] girl groups… Jennie’s pretty. And I watch a lot of NewJeans for healing.

— Lee Hyori

Your browser does not support video.| No Back Tak Jae Hoon/YouTube 

She mentioned that her juniors’ music reminds her of her days in Fin.K.L, the girl group she debuted under in 1998.

The songs and styles are similar to the trends of Fin.K.L days.

— Lee Hyori

Fin.K.L member Leejin, Sung Yuri, Ok Joohyun, and Lee Hyori (left to right) | DSP Media

Lee Hyori also showed her affection for her juniors by revealing that she often reaches out to them through DMs. When Tak Jae Hoon poked fun at her, asking if she lost her status as a singer by reaching out to her juniors first, Lee Hyori defended herself confidently.

Why? Can’t a senior send a DM to her junior?

— Lee Hyori

She then explained what she usually writes in her DMs, causing laughter because of the straightforwardness and simplicity of the sentences. Tak Jae Hoon joked that it sounded like she used a translator to speak to them, but Lee Hyori shared that is actually what she writes in her DMs.

Hello, I really like your music. Would you like to collaborate with me someday?

— Lee Hyori

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She stated that she sends DMs to her juniors to encourage them or express her interest in musically collaborating with them. In response, Tak Jae Hoon asked, “Have you ever sent DMs to Jennie, LE SSERAFIM, Seventeen, IVE, and Sunmi?” Lee Hyori gave an honest reply.

It’s a little [difficult] to reach out to top-level juniors… I feel like they won’t read my DM and that I might be ignored a bit.

— Lee Hyori

Your browser does not support video.| No Back Tak Jae Hoon/YouTube  

She added that she was recommended to go on Lee Youngji’s YouTube talk show My Alcohol Diary or Jo Hyunah‘s Jo Hyunah’s Thursday Night, but she was a little intimidated to go as a guest because she felt like she “would shrink there.”

Lee Hyori (left) with her junior Hwasa (right) | @lee_hyolee/Instagram

Since her debut as a Fin.K.L member, Lee Hyori has been a successful superstar as a musician and TV personality and is considered a legend in K-Pop history. Many juniors, including ITZY‘s Yuna and TWICE members, have covered her iconic songs and performances, such as “Ten Minutes” and “U-Go-Girl.”

Yuna covered Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl.” | JYP Entertainment

Lately, she continued her legacy by releasing music showing her superstar talents and appearing on broadcasts with her comedic and cool personality.

Check out Lee Hyori’s latest song, “HOODIE E BANBAJI.”

 She’s their super senior. 

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