Lee Hyori Recent Look For “Red Carpet” Earns Negative Reactions From Netizens — Only One Thing “Saves” It


Lee Hyori has received negative reactions for her recent outfit, with many netizens thinking only her face card saved the look.

Lee Hyori | @lee_hyolee/Instagram

Hyori has been gaining attention with her new show, Red Carpet, and one of the main talking points has been the beautiful outfits she has worn, whether it was on the red carpet or the actual show with the big guests.

After the filming of the episode with (G)I-DLE, photos of Hyori were shared online.

| theqoo | theqoo

In more quality photos from social media, Hyori looks beautiful, and while the texture and style of the dress were fairly unknown, many had high expectations for the minimalistic design.

| theqoo | theqoo | theqoo | theqoo

Yet, while some didn’t see many issues with the outfit with the cropped versions, it was the GIFs that raised issues. When Hyori’s full outfit was revealed, netizens thought it was clunky and underwhelming, whether it was the color, fit, and much more.

Your browser does not support video.| theqoo Your browser does not support video.| theqoo

Yet, when the photos and videos were shared, while some loved the outfit, most seemed to find issues with it. In particular, while some didn’t mind the close-up, they thought the full shot was the reason behind the negative views of the dress. They added that the only reason the dress was saved was because of Hyori’s visuals.

“If you look only at the top half, it looks pretty and natural, but if you look at the full shot, it does look a bit heavy. Hyori herself is pretty and her hair and makeup are pretty, too.” “But Hyori is so pretty..I don’t even see the clothes.” “I only see her face…” “The outfit is horrible but her face saves the whole look.” “The outfit is pretty, though?” “I don’t see the outfit at all, only her face! It’s the first time I thought she looked pure and innocent, I always thought she looked sexy.

While Hyori is beautiful, it’s not surprising that netizens shared their discontent with the outfit because she is truly stunning, and many think she deserved better.


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