Lee Hyori “Exposes” The Truth About Idols Lip Syncing On Broadcast


K-Pop idols lip-syncing while singing on TV broadcasts has growingly become a source of controversy in recent years. A frequent complaint from K-Pop fans is that compared to older generations, the newer generation artists don’t sing live, at least on broadcasts. Though many acknowledge the fact that the more intense choreographies of the newer groups make it more difficult for them to sing live, the regret still remains.

However, according to Lee Hyori, one of the legendary K-Pop artists in the industry, the scenario is different than what people think. During the latest episode of her talk show, Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet, on February 2, the first-generation icon addressed the controversial topic of lip-syncing.

Lee Hyori | KBS2

On this day, popular radio and TV personality Park Myung Soo appeared as a special guest on the show and sang a few songs, including “Prince of the Sea” and “When Time Passes.” After his performance, Lee Hyori asked him why he always covers one ear with his hand while singing and Park Myung Soo replied that he developed the habit while following the performance style of Lee Hyung Chul. Since back in the day, sound equipment was not as sophisticated as today, some singers covered one ear to hear themselves better while singing.

Park Myung Soo (right) with Lee Hyori | KBS2

Park Myung Soo added that he had never used in-ears for singing live before Lee Hyori’s show. Then he cheekily confessed about lip-syncing for live performances.

I used to lip-sync a lot in the past. Even if the mic dropped, it would still be okay.

— Park Myung Soo

Lee Hyori then shockingly added that she, too, liked lip-syncing in the past. The veteran idol candidly said that lip-syncing on broadcasts was much more common in her early days than now.

In the past, there were many lip-synced broadcasts. But these days, there aren’t that many of them.

— Lee Hyori

She also praised the younger generation of idols, saying, “These days, all the idols are good at singing live.”

 Was the past really the best? 

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