Lee Da Hee’s Fashion Choice At An Awards Show Left Fans Praising Her Ingenuity


Fashion is always one of the many highlights of any awards show and gives celebs and idols a great opportunity to show off their unique fashion sense. At the 2019 Golden Disc Awards, idols pulled out their best looks and left fans everywhere absolutely breathless with their stunning visuals.

Actress Lee Da Hee was among the celebs who had jaws-dropping with her gorgeous visuals. Dressed in a floor-length red dress accented with a black belt, she had everyone feeling overwhelmed as she walked the red carpet with singer Sung Si Kyung.

Her long dress was perfect for the red carpet and perfect for hiding a secret — slippers! It turns out that Lee Da Hee wore a pair of matching red slippers on the red carpet and on stage as an MC the entire time as netizens discovered after a fan video captured the moment Lee Da Hee revealed her slippers!

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Many fans strongly believe that Lee Da Hee skipped the traditional award show heels for the comfy and still stylish slippers because at 5’9″ Lee Da Hee simply doesn’t need heels!

Meanwhile, her unique footwear choice has been stealing everyone’s heart right and left with some fans even ready to declare her the winner of 2020!

Our Da Hee unnie wearing just slippers as a host. We are stanning!pic.twitter.com/M6lgULP47s

— moomoodeuls (@moomoodeuls) January 5, 2020

We stan our moomoo president wearing slippers in GDA https://t.co/4ZqsqhrLJN

— HwaSa COMEBACK (@Hyegipup) January 6, 2020

Lee Da Hee definitely rocked the unique, gorgeous, and oh-so-comfy look during the event!

 It was actually a genius choice. 

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