LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Joins List Of K-Pop Idols Who Enjoy Controversial “Made In Abyss”


Recently, several male K-Pop idols including TXT‘s SoobinSEVENTEEN‘s Woozi, and NCT‘s Taeyong have drawn criticism for expressing they enjoy the controversial manga-turned-anime series Made In Abyss.

Made in Abyss | Akihito Tsukushi

We covered why the series is controversial here, but to explain it briefly, the story involves questionable content including graphic violence against children, such as nudity and sexual abuse. The creator of the series, Akihito Tsukushi, is also considered highly problematic and allegedly a “lolicon” (an adult who is sexually attracted to prepubescent girls).

The creator Akihito Tsukushi is very problematic. He’s a lolicon who puts his kinks in his material. https://t.co/RbwlFIkA6n pic.twitter.com/HfvCkoeQbb

— Mochi (@garden_mane) November 19, 2023

For these reasons, K-Pop idols who have shared that they enjoy the series and have even recommended it to fans have come under fire by netizens. While most have also admitted that the series is intense, provocative, or grotesque, they still have shared a lot of praise for the storytelling in the manga and the series itself.

It’s not an anime that I want to recommend to you because it’s kind of provocative but the story is really good and I’m having fun watching it.

— Soobin (TXT)

Amid this ongoing controversy, a female idol has also been revealed to have shared that she enjoyed and recommends Made in Abyss as well.

In a clip from over two years ago, LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura mentioned the anime and said that she liked watching it. The moment happens at about 28:40 in the video below.

She only mentioned the series briefly, and even admitted that it’s sad, but it has drawn enough attention to become the topic of conversation on a forum post that has received tons of comments from netizens.

It seems that a lot of idols have shared that they enjoy Made in Abyss, and it won’t be surprising if others are revealed to have enjoyed it as well. It’s definitely a controversial series, but fans of the manga and anime have come to its defense and find the criticism that idols enjoy the series to be ridiculous.

 She’s the latest to join the growing list of idol fans. 

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