LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Teases With Short Hair Transformation On Instagram — Netizens Want To See It ASAP


LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha had netizens doing a double take on her Instagram post teasing a dramatic hair transformation!

LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha | @zuhazana/Instagram

Since debuting, Kazuha has always been seen with luscious long locks.

| @zuhazana/Instagram | @zuhazana/Instagram | @zuhazana/Instagram

Recently, LE SSERAFIM shared the teaser for their upcoming release Good Bones,” from their new album Easy. As expected, Kazuha looked absolutely flawless and mirrored the visuals of an angel with her look.

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In photos shared after the teaser was released, netizens noticed that Kazuha’s hair had been styled so that it looked like it had been cut to her shoulders.

| @zuhazana/Instagram | @zuhazana/Instagram | @zuhazana/Instagram

The idol also posted closer shots, and Kazuha no doubt looks stunning, but it also shows that her hair was just tied up and tucked under her clothes. If she ever cut her hair that short, she would look like a supermodel.

| @zuhazana/Instagram | @zuhazana/Instagram

When the photos were shared, netizens posted how they thought Kazuha had cut her hair and how much they would love to see the idol with a drastic change in style. In particular, with Kazuha hiding her hair (like the other members) during schedules like going to the airport, the idea of Kazuha getting a much shorter look could become a reality.

now i need kazuha in short hair pls pic.twitter.com/YL33Dd6ykV

— jedi (@ZUZUonthemoon) January 26, 2024

for a second i thought kazuha has short hair omg pic.twitter.com/ZYTOXQSdGw

— joe (@elsserafim) January 26, 2024

KAZUHA Short hair (?) Wolf cut (?)

© cactus030 pic.twitter.com/MQ01tDWxtP

— k (@nakamurazone) January 21, 2024

SHORT HAIR KAZUHA pic.twitter.com/dIHrnPEri8

— mochizuha (@kkazzang__) January 26, 2024

Whether short-haired Kazuha makes an appearance anytime soon, netizens are definitely anticipating it one day!

 It might not be a reality yet, but fans hope it could be! 

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