LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin And Chaewon Scrutinized Over Outfits In “Good Bones”


LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin and Chaewon‘s outfits in their most recent comeback trailer, “Good Bones,” are receiving mixed reactions.


On January 26, HYBE released a trailer for their upcoming mini-album Easy titled “Good Bones.”

LE SSERAFIM 3rd Mini Album ‘EASY’
TRAILER <Good Bones>https://t.co/9t5zMRA5XQ
2024.02.19 6PM (KST)#LE_SSERAFIM #르세라핌#LE_SSERAFIM_EASY #MakeItLookEasy


In the trailer, the LE SSERAFIM members are shown walking through various settings. What caught the attention of viewers, however, were Huh Yunjin’s and Chaewon’s outfits.

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In the video, Huh Yunjin and Chaewon are seen dressed in very short pants.

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The members’ outfits have sparked debate among netizens. While some felt there was nothing wrong with the idols’ stylistic choices, others criticized them.

You guys are doing too much. Why do they only dress women in panties?… I understand the members need attitude to pull off this style, but I don’t think this particular style is very cool to begin with… I mean, why do they insist on showing their underwear? It’s called underwear for a reason, lol. It’s not meant to be shown outside… It’s f@cking trashy. What’s this? The teaser is super trashy, lol. It’s pretty to my eyes, lol. The teaser is cool. What is this?

What are your thoughts? You can check out the teaser in the link below.

 Why do they insist on showing their underwear? 

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