LE SSERAFIM’s Choreography Sparks A Debate After Being Deemed “Inappropriate” For Underage Member Eunchae


LE SSERAFIM‘s latest choreography for a B-Side track has netizens split on whether it’s appropriate for minor member Eunchae.

LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae | @hhh.e_c.v/Instagram

Recently, LE SSERAFIM released their new album with the title track “EASY.”

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Along with the performance of the title track during the showcase, LE SSERAFIM wowed netizens with their B-Sides, including one called “Smart.” It definitely had different vibes to the other songs, and the choreography was not something fans had seen from the members before.

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Yet, some of the moves sparked a heated debate online after they were deemed “inappropriate” for Eunchae, who is still counted as a minor at 17 years old.

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When the performance video of the song was posted, netizens were taken aback by the choreography. Although it was beautiful and powerful, many thought it was inappropriate for Eunchae, considering how young she is. Some pointed out that Eunchae didn’t execute the moves as intensely as the other members, but they thought it cemented that it wasn’t appropriate for the young idol.

wait a damn minute..eunchae is a minor ?pic.twitter.com/q3o25EA18d

— ‘ (@ghostinwhit) February 19, 2024

Did y’all forget about this already…She was literally 15 here. Disgusting. If you want to go for a mature concept to attract more people then don’t choose a minor? https://t.co/CMPnleRy87 pic.twitter.com/edafp9ZvGB

— ooyoungit (@ooyoungit2) February 19, 2024

le sserafim’s choreo for smart is not inappropriate for eunchae https://t.co/g6IptCI6Zi

— liah ☆¡ (@jugwoos) February 20, 2024

They literally have Eunchae whining her hips and twerking multiple times in the choreo, then they have her front and center doing this move w a slow rise up…and yall are genuinely asking how people are finding it sexual?!?! https://t.co/WfNmY168EN pic.twitter.com/Bj2xepkArK

— ShaNaeNae (@SparklezTime123) February 19, 2024

we will have a conversation about the lesserafims concept while eunchae is still minor in this group but i’ll also save that for another time

— rae (@yeonhko) February 19, 2024

very weird company. if they wanted to do grown dances they should have gotten only grown women in the group its as simple as that https://t.co/ychsPmdYh3

— a (@sooyafiIm) February 19, 2024

Yet, others hit back at the tweets, claiming they were unnecessarily “sexualizing” the choreography and that there was nothing wrong with a 17-year-old doing these kinds of moves.

they act like she’s throwing it in the splits..

is it the choreographers fault u guys throw a fit every time eunchae moves her hips https://t.co/DulMqH6VDr pic.twitter.com/CJtZxKNICN

— yusra (@izbaseone) February 20, 2024

yall are the only ones oversexualizing her btw. shes not dressed provocatively and in many cultures like the one they are quite literally dabbling in, its not sexual by any means. https://t.co/LbSxu6oujB

— sj⁷ JACK BIRTH (@stallionsrkive) February 20, 2024

twerking derived from africa and it was never intended to be sexual. it’s a common dance move to express positive sensuality in movement yet white americans for the past decade have been so hell bent on making it something it’s not https://t.co/dwdBJuMzDF

— LUCIEL.ᐟ ྀི (@MEGHAN_914) February 19, 2024


The topic of Eunchae’s role in LE SSERAFIM has never been questioned as the idol is extremely talented, but sometimes netizens worry that she was made to mature a lot quicker because of the group’s concept.

You can read more about netizens’ concerns about LE SSERAFIM’s choreography below.

LE SSERAFIM Eunchae’s Styling And The Inappropriate Choreography For “UNFORGIVEN” Sparks Another Heated Debate About Underage Idols

 It is an ongoing debate when it comes to the group’s concept. 

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