LE SSERAFIM Are Going Viral After Not Singing Their Lines At Coachella To “Prove” Live Vocals


As the conversation around LE SSERAFIM‘s vocal performance at Coachella continues, fans are bringing new evidence to the table in defense of the group. Clips showcasing members Kazuha and Eunchae purposely skipping parts of their lines have gone viral, with supporters claiming this was a deliberate act to demonstrate that their vocals were indeed live.

| @le_sserafim/X (formerly known as Twitter)

During their performance, a particular moment with Kazuha caught the attention of many. In the pre-chorus of their hit song “UNFORGIVEN,” she chose not to sing a portion of her line. The video shows her continuing her choreography and giving a pointed look towards the camera, indicating that the silence was intentional.

kazuha said this is LIVE! pic.twitter.com/YEcLU2Vm8B

— gee fimchella² (@shinsekai1903) April 21, 2024

Notably, during her pause, the absence of her vocals is apparent, with barely anything heard from the backtrack — a fact that fans are using to argue that the group was singing live.

Now suddenly the lip sync allegations when kazuha literally missed a few secs of her part and there was no backtrack y’all love to hate on ssera unnecessarly. Anyways ssera are d2 of coachella and u can keep being mad

— Mimi’s Kat (@Lelarajen) April 21, 2024

kazuha said you and the backtrack can kiss my ass pic.twitter.com/ekeuDpP5e1

— lara (@omychae) April 21, 2024

kazuha skip a few lines to prove they’re singing livepic.twitter.com/dN7CdxnBHe

— Hyewonizuhayo ~ (@gwangsoonnie) April 21, 2024

Eunchae’s actions have also been in the spotlight. During the performance of “SMART,” she steps forward for her line in the chorus, omitting the first few words — which fans allege was intentional — before confidently joining in with “I’m smarter baby,” smiling at the camera.

Eunchae keeping quiet on her line wanna be a winner to show u there is low backtrack. And she continued so sing again after. holy shit. pic.twitter.com/XPIuys39Rn

— ☻︎𝓟𝓸𝓽𝓪𝓽𝓸 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓰⁷☻︎𝕱𝖎𝖒𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖆 (@ae2cha) April 21, 2024

The young star’s move has been met with applause from fans, viewing it as a response to the backlash and as evidence of live singing. It also serves as a potential statement from Eunchae, showing confidence in her vocal abilities after the previous week’s performance drew negative criticism.

I admire her, after everything she went through this week she just showed her confidence and why she is the youngest artist to perform at coachella https://t.co/MKDno8CY5b

— fimchella (@msgzuha) April 21, 2024

a child who was subjected to an unnecessary hate train doing this is such a power move. SHE ATE! https://t.co/JtfF2ioCvH

— tsuki (@spideyjikoo) April 21, 2024

These instances have become a rallying point for fans, who have been quick to spread the clips as proof of LE SSERAFIM’s authenticity in their live performance. The discussions around these actions highlight the importance of live vocal credibility in an era where K-Pop groups are increasingly under the microscope for their on-stage abilities.

| @voguejp/X (formerly known as Twitter)

The viral nature of these clips not only counters the lip-syncing allegations but also showcases the members’ savvy awareness of the heated debates happening online. By consciously engaging with the narrative of live performance versus pre-recorded vocals, Kazuha and Eunchae have struck a chord with audiences and have possibly turned a challenging situation into a viral moment that reinforces their live singing capabilities.


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