Lakshmi Manchu Chronicles Her Last 2 Weeks: “Numerous Incidents Brought Me To The Edge”

Actress Lakshmi Manchu’s recent post has our undivided attention. The Telugu star has shared a note on how she finds comfort in yoga amidst personal tragedies. The actress posted a series of pictures showcasing various yoga asanas. In the first frame, she can be seen performing Ardha Dhanurasana, also known as the half-bow pose. In the second slide, Lakshmi is seen practising Dhanurasana, commonly known as the bow pose. In the last picture, she is engaged in Chakrasana or the wheel pose. In the caption, the actress candidly discussed her recent personal struggles, including the loss of dear friends and battles with migraines. She wrote, “In the past two weeks, my journey has been marked by the passing of dear friends and the relentless grip of migraines. Turbulent work deals sent me into a spin, causing me to lose my center. Life, as it often does, eludes perfect balance, and in these moments, I strive to view it as an observer, seeking meaning in the unfolding chaos.”

Lakshmi Manchu continued, “There are times when the unpredictability of life leaves me rattled, and everything seems out of control. In those moments, my only recourse is to surrender completely to the inexplicable unfolding of events. It challenges my understanding of the divine plan, appearing as utter nonsense.”

She further added, “Over the past two weeks, numerous incidents brought me to the edge, where an almost Saved Grace and other near misses left me contemplating the fine line between potential disaster and unexpected beauty. The uncertainty lingers, and I’m left grappling with the ambiguity, unable to make sense of what could have been. Contrary to my usual posts portraying the wonders of life, today, I share the side where nothing seems to make sense. Yet, within this confusion, I find peace in accepting that life’s mysteries are beyond my comprehension. I’m okay with the lack of clarity because, amidst it all, I hold gratitude for my life, the love enveloping me, and the ability to surrender to the unknown.”

Talking about how she finds “solace in the beauty of yoga”, Lakshmi Manchu mentioned, “Today, I choose to be open to whatever is coming my way, to appreciate the breath in my body, and to find solace in the beauty of yoga. Thank you, Lord, for the precious moments I have, for the love that surrounds me, and for the humility to acknowledge that there’s much I don’t know.”

On the work front, Lakshmi Manchu has appeared in many films including Kadal, Anaganaga O Dheerudu, Lakshmi Bomb, and Monster.

 Lakshmi Manchu has appeared in many films including Kadal, Anaganaga O Dheerudu, Lakshmi Bomb, and Monster     

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