Lahore 1947 actor Sunny Deol’s reaction after Mukesh Rishi hit him with a sword on the sets of Ghatak proves he’s a softie


Gadar 2 star Sunny Deol has been part of some memorable action vendetta movies in the 1990s. One of them is the 1996 blockbuster Ghatak. The film made by Rajkumar Santoshi had Sunny Deol playing the role of Kashi while Danny Denzongpa was Katya the dreaded villain. Mukesh Rishi who was famous as one of the villain’s side-kicks in innumerable films in the 90s spoke about how he almost injured Sunny Deol during a fight sequence in Ghatak. It seems they were doing a sword fight. By mistake, Mukesh Rishi hit Sunny Deol quite hard on his hand. How the actor reacted to the same proves that Bollywood’s macho star has the softest heart.

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Mukesh Rishi goes down memory lane about Sunny Deol

Mukesh Rishi did an interview with the channel, Rajshri Unplugged where he said that Tillu Varma was the fight master on Ghatak. It seems the stunt director was quite a hard taskmaster who wanted intensity on screen. He also explained things in a rough manner. It seems both the actors were given heavy swords for the fight. Mukesh Rishi missed a movie and hit Sunny Deol’s hand quite hard. Just after the scene, they headed for a break. He said he got tensed as he was afraid thinking how Sunny Deol would react. It seems Mukesh Rishi was berating himself for loosing concentration. Somehow, Sunny Deol came to know about it. He sent someone from his team to calm down Mukesh Rishi. It seems a person came down and informed him that Sunny Deol himself said that he is fit and fine. This gesture touched the heart of Mukesh Rishi. Mukesh Rishi also said that he once saw Simple Kapadia, the sister of Dimple Kapadia wearing a watch that would record how much a person walked in a day. This time, he was working with Sunny Deol for the film, Indian (2001). It seems he liked the gadget and asked Simple Kapadia from where did she buy it. Sunny Deol apparently purchased that gadget for Mukesh Rishi and gave it to him when they met again on the sets. Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia have been friends since decades.  

 Mukesh Rishi talks about how Sunny Deol eased his worries after he hit his hand hard with a sword on the sets of Rajkumar Santoshi’s Ghatak 

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