Laapataa Ladies: Kiran Rao admits to ‘using’ Aamir Khan shamelessly to promote her film despite their divorce


Kiran Rao‘s latest directorial Laapataa Ladies has been receiving rave reviews and has got a decent opening at the box office. And the ex superstar’s wife has no qualms in admitting that she has benefitted from the name of the superstar. In her latest interview, Kiran openly admitted to using Aamir Khan‘s star power for her profit and said she shamelessly uses him to promote her film. Indeed, Kiran has guts. In her latest interview, she was asked by a journalist about being benefited by Aamir Khan’s name for her film to which she admitted it. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp. Kiran said,”I toh fully use him. I use his star power wherever I can. (laughs) I’m like, you’re here; please stand there and give us three pictures. Because we have a small film and I need to do everything I can to tell people. Bhaiya, pehli March ko aaraha hain. Dekhiye Aamir Khan ne banaya hain. Inka film hain, aaiye. (Brother, the film is coming out on March 1. Aamir Khan made the film so watch it.) I use him (Aamir Khan), shamelessly.”

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Aamir Khan reconstituted and revealed Kiran Rao gave him 10 to 15 points for what he lacked as a husband after their divorce. During his interaction with ABP he said, “Here is an interesting anecdote: We recently got divorced, as you all may be aware. In the evening, after we called it quits, I asked Kiran, ‘What did I lack as a husband? How can I do moving forward”. Indeed these two are unusual and even their divorce is. And Kiran rightly said society will find it difficult to accept this kind of divorce. Kiran and Aamir have a son together Azad and they both are doing his parenting together.   Laapataa Ladies: Kiran Rao has no qualms in during of she uses her ex-husband Aamir Khan’s star power to promote her films and has a valid reason. 

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