KQ Entertainment Gives Update On xikers Junghoon’s Hiatus


A couple of days ago, KQ Entertainment shared a teaser image for xikers that revealed the rookie boy group will be making their comeback in March. The image included silhouettes of the members with a number on each silhouette, ranging from one to ten.

However, on second glance some fans realized that there were actually only nine silhouettes, with the number six missing. Given that Junghoon has been on a hiatus since last may due to a serious cruciate ligament injury, the nine silhouettes and missing number six indicated that he would continue to be on hiatus but is still a member of xikers.

Junghoon (xikers) | KQ Entertainment

Earlier today, KQ Entertainment released a statement on Junghoon’s status and recovery that confirmed these suspicions.

This is KQ Entertainment.

Firstly, we’d like to express our sincerest appreciation for road𝓨’s unwavering support and love for xikers. We are reaching out to provide an update regarding JUNGHOON’s health and upcoming album activities.

Last May, JUNGHOON temporarily suspended his activities due to a torn cruciate ligament, and has since undergone surgery and continuous rehabilitation. As such, he is presently able to walk and engage in light exercise.

JUNGHOON has been working hard to recover so that he can return as soon as possible to meet the fans again, but medical experts have cautioned against returning to activities without adequate rehabilitation, citing a risk of re-injury.

After a long discussion involving all the xikers members, including JUNGHOON as well as their families, and the company, it has been decided that JUNGHOON needs to continue with more rehabilitation. Consequently, the upcoming new album will proceed with a nine-member lineup, excluding JUNGHOON.

We ask for your continued support as JUNGHOON focuses on his recovery journey so that he can return healthy. We will keep you updated on his progress through further notices.

Thank you.

— KQ Entertainment

Fans are understandably sad that Junghoon will miss another comeback, but are also relieved that KQ Entertainment is taking his health seriously.

We wish Junghoon a complete recovery from his injury, and that he’s able to return to active promotions soon!

 The group is currently preparing for a comeback. 

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