Koreans Vote On Celebrity Break-Ups


Recently, the Korean entertainment industry has been inundated with news of one after another couple’s separation.

In the past couple of months alone, there have been abundant breakups, as well as divorces among beloved celebrity pairs. Most recently, the news of Hyeri and Ryun Jun Yeol’s split left fans worldwide in shock.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri

BLACKPINK member Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo Hyun also called it quits after two months of dating near the end of October.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | Reuters Ahn Bo Hyun | @bohyunahn/Instagram

Some other celebrities also bid adieu to their marriages, including actress and influencer Ki Eun Se and former idol Seo Sarang.

Seo Sarang | Wikitree

While unfortunate, these news pieces also tend to make huge waves of reaction in the public, indicating the ever-lasting interest in the lives of celebrities. On the other hand, some also criticize the media for covering such issues. So, a recent viral post on a community forum aimed to reach a consensus about how the public feels about celebrity dating news.

A user on the popular community site, TheQoo, recently asked netizens whether they are interested in knowing about celebrity romances, which includes news about them dating and breaking up. At the time of writing, the post has garnered nearly 40,000 views, with responses from over 380 users and counting.

The opinions on the post were as divided as one could imagine, with some saying celebrities should be afforded the privacy to protect these personal affairs from the public eye, while others confessed that their dating lives are usually the most popular conversation topics.

| theqoo “Even on theqoo, the views soar whenever there’s a post about a breakup or a new couple.” “I’m really the don’t-care-didn’t-ask type. Celebrities are human, too.” “I’m curious about the celebrities I like, but the ones I don’t care about, I always have zero interest in them…Apart from the things I’m curious about, I don’t like it when people harass celebrities.” “When you’re with friends, they wouldn’t understand if you bring up topics that only hardcore stans know about. But if you say so-and-so is dating, then everybody goes, ‘Yes, yes!’ For Muggles, it’s like the major concern not limited to celebrities.” “Even though I’m curious, I am okay with not knowing.” “Ignorance is bliss… I don’t want to know.” | theqoo “I’m not interested.” “I don’t care. Being a celebrity is just a job. They should be able to protect their privacy.” “I don’t care.” “I’m uninterested, but whether they date or not, putting out articles about it is cringe-worthy.” “I don’t care if they date, but I get curious about whether they have broken up or are still seeing each other.” “Whether I know it or not, it’s not a big deal.” “Don’t care, didn’t ask.”

A third opinion was that the only reporting-worthy celebrity romance news is their wedding.

“I want to know only if they get married, LOL.” “(I vote for) Romance rumors!” “No matter what I say here, I think at the end of the day, there is a huge demand from people who are curious about celebrities’ private lives, and so, the supply is also increasing.” “I’m not curious, LOL.” “I will watch if it pops up, but it’s also okay if I don’t know about it.” “I don’t know how I feel about the ones that are revealed naturally, but following around and clicking them secretly like Dispatch is bad.” “Just let me know about the wedding, and we’re good.”  Which side are you on? 

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