Koreans React To Yong Jun Hyung’s Selfie Striking An Unexpected Resemblance To Someone


In one of his messages, dated January 10, 2024, former BEAST/Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung (also known as Junhyung) shared a selfie…

Yong Jun Hyung | TV Report

…and it has since gone viral for its unexpected resemblance to someone.

The selfie, originally posted to Yong Jun Hyung’s fromm (an artist-fan communication application), started circulating online after one fan shared it alongside his message about his relationship with HyunA.

Yong Jun Hyung Personally Addresses Relationship With HyunA

And Koreans are reacting to the striking similarities between Yong Jun Hyung in the selfie…

Yong Jun Hyung’s selfie from January 10, 2024. | fromm

…and HyunA’s ex-boyfriend, DAWN.

DAWN | @hyojong_1994/Instagram

Hundreds of comments across social media platforms and online communities have accumulated. Though some have pointed out it’s offensive to associate DAWN with Yong Jun Hyung, most have pointed out how HyunA “has a type,” evidently.

| theqoo “Why is Yong Jun Hyung styling himself to look like DAWN…?” “WTF? I didn’t read what it said and I thought someone uploaded DAWN’s picture instead of Yong Jun Hyung’s.” [Unrelated Comment] “I honestly thought the selfie was of DAWN.” “How did his ‘fans’ not leave him when the Burning Sun Scandal happened…” “Whoa, I thought that was a picture of DAWN.” “What the- He looks exactly like DAWN.” | theqoo “Thought that was DAWN.” “HUH?! I would’ve sworn that’s a selfie from DAWN…” “HyunA must have one hell of a type. The two of them look alike.” “That’s HyunA’s current boyfriend?! I thought it was a picture of her ex. Wow, she most certainly has a type.” | theqoo “HyunA has a type…” “I can’t believe he still has fans…” “The world is full of delulus.” “I can totally tell now what kind of guys HyunA is into, haha. She definitely has a type. It looks like she likes sickly-looking guys.” “You mean that’s not her ex-boyfriend? I had to look at the picture for a while to realize… That’s her type, for sure.” | theqoo “It’s kind of cool, I guess, to see how similar he is to DAWN.” “I find it hilarious how Yong Jun Hyung is trying to look like DAWN now, LOL.” “Whoa. He looks JUST like HyunA’s ex-boyfriend.”

In the meantime, the relationship reveal has sparked some strong feelings from Koreans—due to Yong Jun Hyung’s past involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal.

HyunA (left) and Yong Jun Hyung (right) | @bigbadboii/Instagram

While both idols have asked for support and blessing in their revelations, the public remains unapproving.

Differences In HyunA and Yong Jun Hyung’s Followers After Dating News Baffle Netizens

 Or was it expected, after all…? 

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