Korean Teacher Takes Sexy Classroom Photos Of Former Students In Lingerie


A teacher based in Seoul is under fire for taking scandalous photos of students.

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It has been reported that a teacher who is on a fixed-term contract at a Seoul middle school took photos of “scantily clad former students.” He posted them not only on his social media account but also sold them in photobooks.

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The teacher’s identity has been withheld. Yet, his social media account, which he created in 2017, has garnered nearly 87,000 followers. It has now been closed, but he had posted around 1,600 sensual photos of women in lingerie, posting suggestively.

Maxim photoshoot used for illustrative purposes.

The teacher didn’t just post explicit content online. According to reports, he allegedly photographed adult models, who were former students in school uniforms, on the school campus, which included the computer room and a teacher’s office.

It was unclear whether any students or other staff members were present.

— The Korea Herald

Unrelated computer room at a high school in Suwon, south of Seoul, used for illustrative purposes | Yonhap

Yet, the teacher defended himself by claiming that he was trying to help his former students who were aspiring models. He also claimed that he had set a minimum age limit to access the provocative social media account, preventing minors from viewing the posts.

Since he is a contract-based, irregular teacher, he is “not subject to disciplinary action or dismissal” under the Public Educational Officials Act. So, a school principal can only issue a verbal warning and/or terminate the contract. Still, according to reports, the teacher in question has already signed a contract with another school rather than be removed from his post.

 He still has his job. 

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