Korean Soccer Player Becomes “Walking Green Flag” For His Interview


Koreans are falling in love with No. 11 Hwang Hee Chan all over again following his game-changing penalty kick during the Asian Cup quarter-final match against Australia.

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The PK, a grand opportunity brought from a foul on Son Heung Min, got South Korea tied 1:1 to Australia in the last minute of regular time. In a post-match interview, Hwang commented that he volunteered for the PK.


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When the interviewer mentioned how it could’ve been a moment of such high pressure that he might have wanted to avoid at all costs, Hwang corrected them and said he was prepared:

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Interviewer: What did you and Son Heung Min talk about right before the penalty kick?

Hwang: I told hyung that I’d like to take the PK. He agreed right away, and that gave me a confidence boost to wrap it up nicely. As a player on a national team, I feel a great amount of responsibility in every move I make. So I don’t think I considered that PK to be a goal for myself. I knew that Koreans were rooting for us. All of my teammates’ efforts led up to that moment. I was completely focused on making it in. I’m so glad that it all turned out well.

Interviewer: I assume that it was a moment of such high pressure that anyone would’ve wanted to avoid at all costs.

Hwang: Well, I don’t think it makes sense to take the PK if there’s any kind of pressure. I was completely confident. I trained for that moment. I was prepared, so I didn’t have anything holding me back from stepping up to kick it.

Hwang’s confident interview went viral—with Korean women, in particular—dubbing him a “walking green flag.” Koreans were charmed by Hwang’s can-do mentality, sense of responsibility, preparedness, and his overall “husband material” vibe.

A post about Hwang Hee Chan with over 97K views. | Nate Pann

[IDK. Whoever Hwang Hee Chan’s Future Wife Is… I’m Jealous.]

Imagine having lost EVERYTHING but YOU’RE MARRIED TO HWANG. He’d be the type of husband who would be glad to work manual labor if it means taking care of his wife and children. That’s the vibe I get from him. Such a f*cking real man.

— Nate Pann Post

In a hilarious collection of online communities’ posts, social media updates, and thirsty comments, Hwang was throned a “real man.”

| theqoo “Can I please be the said wife?” “Hwang Hee Chan is such a walking green flag. I get such an ‘honest to a fault’ vibe from him.” [Deleted Comment] “Yeah, I agree. He’s the manliest man.” “True that.” “I want to be his wife…” “Such a real man. He’s also known to be good to his family. He’s definitely the type to prioritize his wife and kids, make sure they’re comfortable.” “Oh, no. Looks like my boyfriend is starting to attract fangirls…” “I’d like to be that wife.” “A good, hard-working man.” | theqoo “For real, though. He’s the kind of man who’ll wake up at the crack of dawn to go out and work if his dumb relative ended up gambling and costing him all of his wealth. Even if he has to live in a small studio, he’ll find strength from his wife and kids and stride on. You know? Like, even if South Korea ended up in the middle of a zombie outbreak, or a nuclear war, I doubt Hwang would leave his wife and kids to starve.” “I knew it. I’ve been a Hee Chan stan from the beginning. I was right.” “Haha. Such a real man.” “Yeah. I can 100% see him aggressive-eating his breakfast—whether it be a full-course Korean set up or a bowl of cereal. And he’d tell his wife that it’s the most delicious meal he’s ever had.” “Not the kind that would let his wife and kids starve. LMFAO.” “That one character who survives until the end in a total disaster movie. That’s him.” “So cool.” “A real K-Man. So rare. So precious.” “Hee Chan is a f*cking gem.” “What an amazing dude. Really.”

This is not the first time Hwang has received a flood of love and support for his spectacular athleticism, as well as his hwangso-like build. Alongside “Player No. 9” and “Park Hyung Sik Lookalike,” Hwang is a total viral sensation—even among Koreans who don’t follow soccer!

The Hot AF Korean Soccer Star Everyone Has Been Talking About

 The manliest man to have manned. 

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