Korean Singer Rejects Taking Picture With A Fan Who Paid For His Meal


Singer Sung Si Kyung shared a story of refusing a fan’s request for a photo after the fan paid for his meal.

Sung Si Kyung | @mayersung/Instagram

On November 9, Sung Si Kyung posted a picture of an empty bowl of rice soup on his Instagram story.

Sung Si Kyung’s Instagram story after he finished his soup | @mayersung/Instagram

Along with the photo, Sung Si Kyung wrote a caption explaining what happened at the restaurant he was at. First, he shared that a fan offered to pay for his meal.

It’s the season of rice soup. It’s delicious as usual. I was embarrassed because I was trying to quickly finish a hot bowl of soup alone after catching a cold, but a fan behind me insisted on paying for the meal, saying they were a fan. I felt awkward.

— Sung Si Kyung


He continued that after eating, the fan asked for a photo, but the singer refused. However, he believed this was the right decision.

After eating, the fan asked for a photo, but I had to refuse because I was in no condition to take a picture. When I got in the car and saw my sweaty appearance reflected in the rearview mirror, I realized it was a good decision not to take a photo. I’m sorry for being a bad celebrity who received a ₩10,000 KRW (about $7.64 USD) soup but didn’t take a picture.

— Sung Si Kyung


He thanked the fan for the soup and also cracked a joke about his appearance.

I want to be good-looking, too. [Next time,] please don’t pay for my meal.

— Sung Si Kyung

Sung Si Kyung is a famous ballad singer and TV personality who has many hit songs in Korea, such as “On the Street” and “Every Moment of You.” Next month, he will perform at the KSPO DOME from December 29 to 31 for his 2023 Sung Si Kyung Year-End Concert.

 He doesn’t regret his decision. 

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