Korean Singer Names The “Kind And Gentle” Actor Kang Ha Neul As Her Ideal Man


Actor Kang Ha Neul is often praised by his co-workers for his kind and gentle personality. A singer noticed this trait about him and picked Kang Ha Neul as her ideal type.

Actor Kang Ha Neul | @__kanghaneul/Instagram

On November 1, SBS Fil‘s While We’re One Year Younger (literal translation) aired its first episode, and singer Hong Ji Yoon was one of the MCs.

“While We’re One Year Younger” poster | SBS FiL

In the episode, Hong Ji Yoon discussed her interest in makeup and cosmetics, sharing that she started making cosmetics because she wanted to give gifts to the people in her life she appreciated and liked. She began making cosmetics with beautiful influencer and cosmetic researcher Hong Dan Bi.

Hong Ji Yoon | @what_ziyun/Instagram

Speaking of people she likes, Hong Ji Yoon gained attention for mentioning the type of people she likes.

I like kind and gentle people.

— Hong Ji Yoon

She then admitted that Kang Ha Neul was her ideal type.

| Marie Claire

When comedian Heo Kyung Hwan, who is also an MC of the show, added that anyone who is happy to see him is his ideal type, Hong Ji Yoon joked, “I recommend you to raise a dog, then.”


In the past, Kang Ha Neul addressed how he felt about being called a “nice guy” all the time. He shared in an interview from September of this year that he isn’t “as nice as you think.”

People tend to describe me as kind in a comfortable manner, but I want to become a fun person. I always think about how I could make everyone laugh…  I’m not as nice as people think I am. When I meet my friends, I curse when I hang out with them. (Laughs)

— Kang Ha Neul


Hong Ji Yoon is a trot singer who was a contestant on Miss Trot 2. She debuted in 2021 with an OST for the K-Drama Love ft. Marriage & Divorce Season 2.

 She knows what she wants. 

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