Korean Singer Has One Request For ZEROBASEONE After They Overshadowed Him In Search Engines


Hip-hop artist Crush recently talked about an experience where another artist overshadowed him on portal sites.

Crush | @crush9244/Instagram

On November 20, Crush appeared as a guest on comedian Park Myung Soo‘s KBS Cool FM radio show and candidly shared various stories about his personal and musical life.

Crush, who recently released his third album, explained how this album differed from the many shorter albums being released these days.

In the current music market, putting 19 songs in one album may seem crazy. But it made me reflect on myself as I made this album. I had many stories I wanted to tell, and as it was my first full album in four years, I had many accumulated songs. I put various emotions into the album, and that’s how 19 songs were completed.

— Crush

Crush’s third album “wonderego” | @crush9244/Instagram

With 19 songs in the album, Crush recommended this album for people to listen to in the car while on a long road trip.

Park Myung Soo was curious about where he got the inspiration for his songs, and Crush shared the two unexpected places he gets musical ideas.

Surprisingly, ideas come to me when I take a walk. Having a dog, I get fresh air while walking, and melodies, ideas, and themes come to mind. Also, when I’m stuck in the studio, sometimes I get stuck. Then I go to the bathroom and do my business, and my ideas come to me. Maybe it’s because I’m relieving myself.

— Crush

Crush (left) and Park Myung Soo (right) | KBS CoolFM/YouTube

Crush was then asked if he knew of the song “Crush” by the idol group ZEROBASEONE. The singer confirmed that he did, then shared what happened to his name because of the group’s hit song.

Now, when you search my name on portal sites or social media, ZEROBASEONE’s song comes up… ZEROBASEONE’s ‘Crush’ is more popular [than I am].

— Crush

Your browser does not support video.ZEROBASEONE’s “Crush” music video | ZEROBASEONE/YouTube 

Park Myung Soo consoled Crush, saying that, in a way, his name is being promoted.

That’s true because my name is going up in the search portals. It feels good.

— Crush

He then recorded a “video message” for ZEROBASEONE with a sudden request.

To our ZEROBASEONE members… I’m enjoying all your content, and if we ever meet someday, I’d like to do the ‘Crush’ challenge together. Crush and ‘Crush’ meeting together. I also request us to do the challenge for my song ‘Hmm-Cheat,’ too.

— Crush

ZEROBASEONE | @zb1official/Instagram

That same day, the dream collaboration came true!

On November 20, ZEROBASEONE’s official Instagram posted member Sung Hanbin dancing to the “Crush” challenge with Crush himself.

Netizens exclaimed their excitement at seeing the “Crush” and Crush collaboration come true, saying, “CRUSH CHALLENGE WITH CRUSH,” “Crush and Crush!” and “Crush crushed ‘Crush’!

What are your thoughts?

 “If we ever meet someday…” 

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