Korean News Anchor Is Going Viral For Her Reaction After Playing (G)I-DLE’s Song “Wife” On The Morning News


(G)I-DLE‘s new song has drawn mixed reactions from netizens, but a viral appearance on a Korean news outlet showcases the track’s impact.

The members of (G)I-DLE | @G_I_DLE/Twitter

On January 21, (G)I-DLE released their song “Wife” ahead of their second full album. While some netizens criticized the lyrics and concept, most fans loved how it combined a serious message with a video that looked straight out of second-generation K-Pop idols.

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From the outfits to the words, every part of the song had a meaning and a purpose, making fans fall in love with every listen.

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Yet, despite the mixed reactions to the song, it seems like the viral nature of the song isn’t just on social media.

On January 23 (KST), netizens noticed that “Wife” was being spoken about on the morning news in Korea.

The news reporter

Yet, rather than just a normal segment, the news host truly captured the hearts of netizens. When the song started playing, she was dancing along to the catchy tune and had the biggest smile on her face.

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When the video was posted, international netizens couldn’t get over the reaction to the song, watching it in their thousands. In particular, they pointed out how, despite the haters, the song is taking over and managed to make the news without any promotion.

You cant escape them anywhere lmaooo THEYRE ON THE MORNING NEWS #WIFE #GIDLE @G_I_DLE pic.twitter.com/V7Q3JCRqTw

— GIDLE IS COMING #two 29.01 WIFE 22.01 (@poppytrots) January 23, 2024

Antis: ‍ughhh I’m sick of that stupid WIFE song being everywhere, lemme watch some news

NEWS: pic.twitter.com/QHX3OAvjlc

— Eclipse//SUPERLADY (@Gidle_x_nebobo) January 23, 2024

GIDLE’s WIFE making it to Korean news without promotion and made the reporter danced to it

POWER https://t.co/tP1HDiJH8C

— R (@aydoll_) January 23, 2024

That reporter is so mother like wow she definitely got that coco loco cream soup and we love that for her pic.twitter.com/Lau4NmBXQm

— LIL WAIST (@lilwaisttt) January 23, 2024

#GIDLE ‘Wife’ on Korean news. They speak on lyrics drama, but the reporter couldn’t help herself and started dancing.

She mentions Cube didn’t give any position on the situation, addicting melody, how it entered the charts without full promo etc.

Soyeon the genius you are! pic.twitter.com/wVN2xOAO4v

— 은정 (@Y69795772) January 23, 2024

As always, (G)I-DLE’s impact comes despite constantly coming under criticism for their innovative stance on creating music. With the pre-release song “Wife” already making waves, the full album will undoubtedly be a huge hit.

You can read about netizens hitting back at criticism below.

International Netizens Defend (G)I-DLE From “Unwarranted” Hate And Criticism Of Their New Song “Wife”

 Even with no promotion, the “controversial” song is everywhere! 

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