Korean Netizens Show “Shocking” Reaction To BLACKPINK Jisoo And Ahn Bo Hyun’s Break Up


Netizens reacted to reports stating that BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has broken up with her now-former boyfriend, Ahn Bo Hyun.

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On October 24, JTBC News first reported on the alleged breakup. According to the news outlet, Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun have returned to being good colleagues after breaking up due to their busy schedules.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Reportedly Breaks Up With Ahn Bo Hyun

Soon after the first reports, YG Entertainment quickly responded to the news. In a short statement, the label confirmed that the two stars were no longer a couple.

YG Entertainment Responds To BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Reported Break Up

Netizens and fans reacted to the news, with many expressing disbelief. While some also stated they were disappointed, others shockingly congratulated the former couple on their new single status.

“Did Ahn Bo Hyun do something wrong? What’s up with these comments?” “The two dated because they liked each other. Why are you congratulating them, when you don’t know who broke up with who? LOL.” “What is up with the comments here?” “I thought they looked good together. How disappointing.” “Good job, Jisoo.” “Wow, congratulations.” “What did Ahn Bo Hyun do to deserve this type of reaction? Isn’t this a case of two good-looking people meeting and breaking up?” “You guys are making it seem like Jisoo was forced to be in a relationship, lol. They dated because they liked each other and broke up because they no longer do, LOL. I hope both of them are happy.” “The comments are funny, LOL. I thought they looked good together. I’m not even sure which one of them is the better catch.”

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 “What is up with the comments here?” 

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