Korean Netizens React To This Week’s “Music Core” Winner


In a week filled with intense competition and highly anticipated comebacks, the Music Core trophy was closely contested among three of K-Pop’s most popular girl groups: Red Velvet, aespa, and IVE. With their respective songs, “Chill Kill,” “Drama,” and “Baddie,” each group brought their A-game, showing just how vibrant and powerful the girl group scene is this year.

Music Core nominees. | MBC

The victory eventually went to Red Velvet, marking another triumphant moment for the seasoned group ahead of their 10th-anniversary celebrations. Their win is a testament to the unwavering support of their fanbase, affectionately known as ReVeluvs, who played a pivotal role through fan votes.

CONGRATULATIONS RED VELVET #ChillKill1stWin @RVsmtown pic.twitter.com/5PXFM2l3up

— Chi (@kimjenknee) November 25, 2023

red velvet is that group that has other idols rooting for their win pic.twitter.com/cgOP4qQDCA

— Vir (@dIwIrene) November 25, 2023

Joy describing Red Velvet’s reactions to their Chill Kill First Win with emojis #ChillKill1stWin #Joy #조이 pic.twitter.com/ERAYPZumJn

— j♡y (@heroes_twt) November 25, 2023

“Chill Kill,” while not leading in digital points, maintained a strong showing across the board, with consistent numbers in digital performance, album sales, and broadcast points. However, what truly set Red Velvet apart was the comprehensive support from the voting committee and the fans’ pre-votes and live votes.

could’ve told me that red velvet would win based on voting and I would’ve laughed because my trust in this fandom is down the drain but for a 10yo group to have a fanbase that can still come together like this says a lot. Congrats babes #chillkill1stwin pic.twitter.com/ufb7JrKGhv

— Vir (@dIwIrene) November 25, 2023

The relatively tight margin in digital points among the groups meant that the fan votes were able to tip the scales in Red Velvet’s favor. This robust fan engagement, both in pre-votes and live votes, showed the group’s enduring popularity and the active participation of their fanbase in supporting the girls’ success.

aespa’s “Drama” led the charge with digital points, indicating a strong online presence and streaming performance. Their impressive tally in YouTube points also reflected the visual appeal and digital engagement of their comeback. Despite these advantages, aespa fell behind in album sales and the crucial live voting segment, which can often be the game-changer in such close races.

Korean netizens have taken to social media and online forums to express their reactions. There is a unanimous sense of congratulations toward Red Velvet, with fans and casual listeners alike appreciating the catchy tune and the group’s enduring presence in the industry. Comments range from praising the song’s quality to showing amazement at ReVeluvs’ voting power.

Looks like the votes made all the difference! I love all three nominees, so it’s all good. Congrats! I bet their encore was top-notch. I love their new song. Congratulations! This is great! Kudos to the fans who voted. I love the song. In fact, “Chill Kill” is the only song I added to my playlist out of the three that were nominated. Congrats to “Kill Chill,” I meant “Chill Kill” for winning! LOLOL. | TheQoo

As Red Velvet continues to promote “Chill Kill,” they carry with them not only the weight of their decade-long career but also the fresh enthusiasm of a fanbase energized by this latest win. This victory at Music Core is more than a trophy — it’s proof of their enduring popularity and appeal.

 “[The winner] is the only song I added to my playlist out of the three that were nominated.” 

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