Korean Netizens React To FIFTY FIFTY Keena’s First Solo Appearance At “2023 Billboard Music Awards”


All eyes were on FIFTY FIFTY‘s Keena recently as she made her way to the 2023 Billboard Music Awards by herself for the first time.

FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena | @we_fiftyfifty/Instagram

After it was announced that Keena would be the only member to remain in FIFTY FIFTY and their agency ATTRAKT, fans were curious about the girl group’s updates.

FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena Reportedly Will Return To ATTRAKT

Earlier this week, Keena was captured at the Incheon International Airport, heading to the U.S. for her first solo event. She went through a hair transformation from blonde to black hair that netizens loved.

Keena at the Incheon International Airport on her way to the “2023 Billboard Music Awards” | OSEN

On November 19, Keena appeared at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards with her new hair and a stunning Valentino dress worth ₩6.20 million KRW (about $4,780 USD).

At the Billboard Music Awards party, Keena was interviewed by Rania Aniftos, who talked to her about the success of the song “Cupid,” how it felt to be a part of the Barbie soundtrack, and the future of FIFTY FIFTY.

Rania Aniftos (left) and Keena (right) | Billboard/YouTube

From the start of the interview, Keena exuded her bubbly extroverted personality, reacting adorably and smiling cheek to cheek. When asked about the success of “Cupid,” she expressed her gratitude.

Oh my gosh! This is so surreal. I can’t believe I’m here. I feel so honored and grateful [for being] nominated for this award.

— Keena

Your browser does not support video.| Billboard/YouTube 

Rania Aniftos also asked Keena what she wished for the future of FIFTY FIFTY, and Keena responded positively.

It took me so long to get back. I want to give back to everyone who loves us, supports us! With music!

— Keena

Your browser does not support video.| Billboard/YouTube 

Despite it not being her first language, Keena did the interview by herself in English, and netizens were impressed by her English skills.

| theqoo “She’s good at English, too.” “I heard they prioritized teaching English when they were FIFTY FIFTY trainees. She’s so good at her interview. So pretty.” “She’s amazing. Her makeup looks so good on her, and she easily did that interview all by herself, lol.” “Her styling is perfect on her, and I didn’t know, but she’s so good at English, LOL.” “Seeing this, I can’t help but laugh at that one time the members said the CEO forced them to study English, LOL. They could’ve used it immediately, like this.” “So it was true that the CEO made them learn English and trained them hard. He really must’ve made them study English hard.” “Wow, maybe it’s because she learned English officially that she’s so good, lol.” “Her pronunciation is so good lol. So pretty.” “I wish someone would force me to learn English. English is useful in so many ways.” “Please share how they taught them English lol” “I heard they made them study English hard; her pronunciation is so good. Her hair, makeup, and fashion are so pretty. Honestly, it was meh during Korean activities, but these days, her look is perfect for her.” “Oh, she’s good at English. That’s good for her.”

Aside from her impressive English pronunciation and skills, netizens were in love with Keena’s bright and bubbly attitude and reactions. Some voiced their sadness in not being able to see all four members together, but most of the comments praised Keena and wished her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

| theqoo “Pretty. She’s a whole new person after changing her styling.” “Honestly, I only knew FIFTY FIFTY’s songs and not the members’ faces, but through this, I finally engraved Keena’s face in my brain… She’s pretty.” “I hope they quickly pick FIFTY’s unit 2 members and succeed!” “Her dress is cute. The ribbon is adorable and suits Keena well.” “She must be extremely nervous, lol. So pretty.” “She was good at the interview and came out lovely.” “Her styling looks good on her. Her dress is pretty, and she seems loveable.” “I wonder what the backstabbing members are thinking while watching this, LOL. They must be jealous to death.” “She’s good at singing, rapping, visuals, and language, and her attitude is cute and good, lol.” “Pretty, lol. She’s good at English. I hope they pick good members and succeed. I love big companies, but I want to see a small company succeed, too.” “Her reactions are so cute, LOL.” “I didn’t know Keena was such a lovely character. She looks completely different from the blonde picture I saw of her! She looks so much prettier and lovelier now!!” “Life is determined by one chance. Keena, hwaiting.” “Her facial expressions are colorful, lol.” “It must be so nervous, but she’s awesome, LOL. I would be shaking with nerves.” “She’s so much more charming seeing her on video.” “If they didn’t do all that, the four of them would be wearing luxury dresses and attending the Billboard party together. They were the legend of digging their own grave. They must be so envious.” “Her hair, makeup, and fashion is perfect, lol. So pretty! Keena has made the right decisions in more ways than one, LOL.” “I think she’s really smart.” “She’s so pretty, and her attitude is so good and bright.” “Keena is lovely. Doesn’t she look like Han Chae Young? I’m sad because I liked the other members’ voices, too… What a shame, and I hope Keena for the best.” “I’m saying it again today: whoever made Keena go blonde, go on a time-out, LOL. Her reactions are cute!” “She seems so bright and bubbly! She would be great on variety shows.”

What are your thoughts?

Watch the 2023 Billboard Music Awards interview here.

 From her English skills to her new look, they had a lot to say. 

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